Free Fire OB30 Advance Server: How To Get Activation Code?

Here is a guide to get activation code for Free Fire OB30.

Garena Free Fire OB30 is going to launch its advanced server. The advance server is a program in Free Fire where players get to try all the new features which are yet to be released in the game. It is going to be available for players today (September 9th, 2021). The server will be available for one week for all the players to try and test what it has in store for players.

If you are not new to Free Fire then you must know that Advance Server requires an Activation code to access it. This code is only provided to few players who pre-register for it. To know what is Free Fire OB30 Advance Server Activation Code and how to get it then check this out.

What Is Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code?

Free Fire OB30 Activation code

Free Fire Advance Server Activation Code is a one-time code given to the lucky players who register for it. Not all the players who register receive this code as the Advance Server is not capable of handling multiple players at a time. So if you did not get the Activation Code despite registering for it then please wait patiently for the next event.

If you want to try your luck and see if you can get the Free Fire OB30 Advance Server Activation code then follow the steps to register yourself:

  1. Open any browser on your device and search for Free Fire OB30 Advance Server. Or you can simply choose to click on this link to go there.
  2. Click on the Login Facebook option on the website. Fill in all the required details.
  3. Hit the Register button on the bottom of your screen to complete the registration process.
  4. And it’s done!

This is everything you need to know about Free Fire OB30 Advance Server Activation Code. Read another article on Free Fire moco password: how to unlock door & get rewards for free.