Free Fire Max: Best Custom FF Max HUD (August 2022)

What is the best custom Free Fire Max HUD for each type of finger setting?

Free Fire Max offers players the option to customize their HUD. For players that are just starting out, Free Fire Max Custom HUD can be used to edit the layout of the multiple buttons that are needed during a match. By customizing it according to their comfort, players can ensure quicker response time and improved performance. So, what are the best custom Free Fire Max HUD settings? That depends largely on the type of finger setup players use. That is why we have discussed the best custom HUD settings for three of the most popular finger setups.

Best Custom Free Fire Max HUD

FF Finger Claw Settings H2

With a large player base, it is not surprising that there are multiple finger settings popular in the game. While the 2-finger setting is the custom HUD, a lot of players prefer to use a 3 or 4-finger setup. Let us take a look at each of the setups and the best HUD settings for each layout.

Custom HUD Settings 2 Finger


This is the default setup in the game. Here, players use both their thumbs to move, aim, and shoot at opponents. This is not the most accurate setting for players looking to improve their gameplay. However, it is the easiest setting to get accustomed to and is used by a lot of new players in Free Fire Max. Below is the best HUD layout for the 2 Finger claw setting.

Custom HUD Settings 3 Finger


This finger setting is preferred by a lot of players. It allows players to pick useful items quickly and provides an optimal balance of aggressive and defensive gameplay. Players can aim more accurately with this setting. Below is the ideal custom HUD for the 3 finger claw.

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Custom HUD Settings 4 Finger


This is the layout for players that want to improve their gameplay. A lot of professional players use this finger setting. Here, players use both index fingers and thumbs to aim, shoot, move, or pick up loot in the game. It functions great for players that prefer medium and long range combat. However, it is not the best layout for players that like close combat. It might be a difficult to master but it definitely pays back players that make the effort to master it. Below is the best custom HUD for the 4 finger claw.


These are the best Free Fire Max Custom HUD for each finger layout. However, players must keep in mind that these are just suggestions and the best HUD settings are the ones that players feel most comfortable playing with. So, players should not be afraid to experiment and try out new HUD layouts to find the best layout for them.

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