Free Fire Max: Best Control Settings

Players will need to apply the correct control settings that also suit their gameplay.

Free Fire MAX provides a premium gameplay experience to the battle royale game. Players can enjoy various different game modes and compete in ranked matches to test out their skills against other players on the server. Players are often curious to know if there are any control settings that can help them improve in Free Fire Max.

Let us take a look at the best control settings in the game.

Best Control Settings For Free Fire Max


Players will need to apply the correct control settings that also suit their gameplay style if they want to improve. However, there are certain settings that work well for almost all users. We have listed these settings below.

  • Aim Precision: Default
  • Left Fire Button: Always
  • Quick Weapon Switch: On
  • Quick Reload: Off
  • Hold Fire to Scope: On
  • Grenade Slot: Double Slot
  • Vehicle Controls: Two-handed
  • Auto-parachute: On
  • Run Mode: Classic
  • In-game tips: Default
  • Kill notifications: On
  • Damage Indicator: New
  • Auto Switch Gun: On
  • Visual Effects: Classic
  • Free Look: On
  • Parachute: On
  • Sprint: Off
  • Drive: Off
  • Hitmarker: New
  • Teammate Info: Translucent

While these settings are ideal, players can still customize them according to their preferences.

How To Change Settings In Free Fire Max?

Players that want to change the settings for their game can do so by following the instructions given below.

  • Players need to open Free Fire Max on their device.
  • Now, they need to click on the Settings menu located in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Next, players can go to the Control settings and change them according to their preference.

As we said before, players should experiment with the settings to find out the best combination for them. This is all about the best Control Settings for Free Fire Max. For more related content, check out the Best Garena Free Fire Max Fire Button Size.