Best Garena Free Fire Max Fire Button Size

Find out the best button size for your device.

Garena Free Fire is a battle royale game where players fight it out to be the last one standing. To aid them in their quest, the game has a lot of customizable options. These can help players aim better and with improved accuracy. From the best sensitivity settings for a headshot to the best fire button size, all elements play a part in the final performance.

In today’s article, we will discuss the best button size for the game. Let us take a closer look below.

What Is The Best Free Fire Max Fire Button Size?


Players that often find themselves wiped out in Free Fire Max should try opting for different sensitivity settings for their game. Since the best sensitivity settings are the one that players feel most comfortable with, there is no rigid parameter for them.  However, players can adjust certain setting like head tracking or the button size to get more out of their game.

Keeping this in mind, the best button size for Free Fire Max is around 55%. In addition, players will need to place the button towards the lower side of the screen. These settings are more apt for low-end devices. For higher-end devices, the experience is smoother and players can opt for lower sensitivity levels. For such devices, players can go for a button size between 30% to 50%.

However, this is only a suggestive setting. Players should try different settings to see which one feels the best for them. For example, when players are trying to get an accurate headshot, the size and position of the fire button can be quite crucial. This is why opting for the right settings is quite important.

That is everything players need to know about the best Free Fire Max fire button size. For more related content, check out How To Get Garena Free Fire Max Expansion Packs?