Free Fire M1917 Pistol All Specifications And Details

Do you wish to know all the details of the M1917 pistol in Free Fire? Check it out right here

The M1917 gun in Garena Free Fire is a pistol that can be used as a secondary weapon. Since the weapon is brand new and looks fancy, a lot of players have been curious to know more about it, and if you’re one of them we’ve got all the details for you right here.

M1917 Pistol All Specifications And Details In Free Fire

The M1917 is a pistol with high damage and low magazine count, being an Akimbo you can wield two of these at the same time giving you additional firepower. If you wish to know about all the specifications of the M1917 in Free Fire, read below:

Damage: 60
Range: 28
Magazine: 12
Movement Speed: 76
Rate of Fire: 57
Reload Speed: 38
Accuracy: 57
Armor Penetration: 0

M1917 Pistol All Specifications And Details In Free Fire

What Are The Attachables of M1917 In Free Fire

You can only attach a Foregrip and a Stock to the M1917 pistol in Free Fire, this will help you to increase the accuracy marginally.

While using this weapon, it is necessary to know that you will not have a high fire rate, so you will need to make your shots count. On top of that your movement speed will be reduced, so having all the attachments that you can get will certainly help.

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We recommend that since this weapon is an Akimbo type, you use two of these at the same time. Doing so will double your fire rate and magazine capacity while hardly causing any other issues.

Having to stock up on ammo should be your primary concern as there is a huge chance you will miss a couple of shots every now and then.

This is all there is to know about the M1917 Gun in Free Fire, while you’re here why not check out why isn’t Free Fire working today right here on Games Adda.