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Why Is Free Fire Not Opening Today? (March 2022)

Do you wish to know why isn't Free Fire working right now? Check it out right here

Free Fire not working today has got a lot of people worried about their favorite game not working. If you’re someone who’s wishing to know why Free Fire is not working today, make sure to read until the end of this guide.

Why Isn’t Free Fire Working?

Free Fire players have been worried as they are not able to access the game right now. So, why is Free Fire not opening today? There has been no official address from the developers about the issue. However, a lot of players have been getting the Free Fire Network Connection Error when trying to open the game. The Asian server seems to be the worse affected due to this error. A lot of players were worried that their accounts had been banned or hacked. However, this is not the reason behind the current error. While it is true that Free Fire is banning a lot of accounts on grounds of cheating or other unfair practices, it is not why players are getting the Free Fire Network Connection Error.

Free Fire Not Opening

It seems that Free Fire is experiencing server issues at the moment. This is preventing players from signing in and enjoying the game. Unfortunately, this is not the first time players are experiencing server issues with the game.

Free Fire is seeing a rapid increase in its player base every day. Due to this, the game servers can often be overloaded and cause connection errors. Since it is not scheduled maintenance, the error is due to server issues on Free Fire’s end. Players will have to wait for an official statement from the developer’s end to know exactly why Free Fire is not opening today. For now, players can check out Free Fire Network Connection Error: How To Fix It? to find a solution to the problem.