Free Fire Fastest Player in Tamil Nadu – Stats, ID, And More

Take a look at the Tamil Free Fire King aka GT King

The frontrunner in the mobile royal battle genre, Free Fire has a huge fan base all across the world. Garena developers are hell-bent on disallowing the craze to die by adding new aspects into the game.

Such efforts of Garena never went in vain and captured the attention of a host of content creators spread across social media platforms. Amongst these prominent creators is Ravichandra Vigneshwer popularly known as the King of Free Fire in Tamil Nadu, GT King.

Who is King Of Free Fire In Tamil Nadu?

In this guide, we will break down each and everything such as Gaming Tamizhan aka GT King’s Free Fire ID, stats, real name, KD ratio, country and more.

GT King Real Name

GT King’s real name is Ravichandra Vigneshwer.

GT King Free Fire ID

Gaming Tamizhan aka GT King’s Free Fire ID 287597612.

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Stats For Squad Matches

  • Total Played – 15484
  • Total Won – 3137
  • Winning Percentage – 20.25%
  • Total Kills – 43000
  • KD Ratio – 3.49

Stats For Duo Matches

  • Total Played – 1590
  • Total Won – 156
  • KD Ratio – 1.94

Stats For Solo Matches

Total Solo Match Played – 631
Total Solo Match Won – 48
KD Ratio – 2.41

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GT King Ranked Stats

In the latest ranked period, GT King played a total of 67 squad games out of which he won 20. He also played 25 duo tournaments, earning 13 of which in its title.GT King also took part in 12 solo matches and got rewarded with 5 Booyahs.

GT Kind YouTube Channel

The King of Free Fire in Tamil Nadu, who had commenced his voyage earlier in 2019, has since established great recognition. It now has around 1.22 million YouTube subscribers and a net record of 101 million views. He manages to keep the viewers glued to his channel by producing entertaining and amusing content for them.

GT King Social Media

GT King Ravichandra Vigneshwer is active on Instagram with a following base of 198k. Who is King Of Free Fire In Tamil Nadu?
That’s it! This is a complete overview of GT King – Free Fire Fastest Player in Tamil Nadu.