Top 7 Best Tips & Tricks To Become A Skillful Rusher in Free Fire

Here's an ultimate guide on how to be an effective rusher in Free Fire.

If you have just started playing Free Fire and don’t know what Rusher is then this guide will surely help you a lot. Instead of playing solo if you opt for a Squad mode in Free Fire then you should know that you will need someone to rush in and initiate combat.

Rusher plays a very crucial role as a team in Free Fire. If you have been having trouble finding how to become a good rusher in Free Fire then no further as we have brought you some tips and tricks to become an effective rusher.

How To Become A Pro Rusher In Free Fire – Tips & Tricks

1. Coordinate With Your Team

In order to become a good rusher in Free Fire, it is quite important to have everyone on the same page before charging in. Make sure your teammates follow your plane and don’t charge in when they are not all set to back you up.

2. Don’t Hesitate

The moment you discover the location of enemies, don’t hesitate to head over there after informing the same to your squad. The best thing about informing the squad is if you get knocked out by enemies, you will have your teammates by your side to get revived.

3. Bring Gloo Walls and Grenades

While dealing with multiple enemies in your rush, using Gloo Walls is the best option to distract them. What you need to do is to place on to obstruct your position from one enemy and shoot the other. Frag Grenades is the best option when enemies are teaming up against you. Yes, it could cause a lot of damage to your enemies.

4. Scout Carefully

What Free Fire players usually need is to get the location of at least two enemies before trying to rush in. Using a scope and keep a close eye on enemies’ footstep is the best option. If you ever come across more enemies than expected, don’t hesitate to retreat.

5. Practice Close Range Weapons

If you ever engage in a fight with enemies in close combat while charging in, picking a secondary weapon like a Shotgun or SMG  would be a great idea. As compared to Ak, an MP40 at close range has higher damage potential.

6. Do a Rotation

Rotation plays a very crucial role in Free Fire to confuse your enemies. Don’t stick to one place for a long period of time. After shooting from one place, you must run to another place, hiding your location from enemies. If your rush fails to defeat enemies, try to rotate first and find another position to execute a follow-up rush.

7. Watch Out For Your HP

As a player who has to charge first, you will be the enemy’s primary target. Notably, your HP will decrease way faster than your friend’s health. But, it is not a big problem if you know the perfect time to retreat.

If your HP is quite low, head over to restore your health and return to the battlefield once you are all set. In order to survive, use the character’s skill combinations with armour effect and healing and make sure that you have Medkits and Inhalers in your backpack.

These are some of the proven Free Fire tips and tricks to become a pro Rusher. While you are here, be sure to check out other Free Fire Guides, Hacks, Tips and Tricks articles.