Garena Free Fire Help Center: How To Submit Unban Request (2022)

Has your FF account been unfairly banned?

Garena Free Fire is a vastly popular battle royale game. To ensure a safe and fair gaming environment for all its players, Free Fire can often ban players that do not adhere to its guidelines. However, sometimes players can get banned unfairly. If a player has been banned without cause, they can submit an unban request to the Garena Free Fire Help Center.

It goes without saying that this unban request is only entertained if players have not violated the guidelines set in place by Free Fire. Otherwise, players will just have to create a new account and play fairly this time.

Hacking, cheating, or being verbally abusive are all reasons for an account ban in the game. Players that still believe their account was banned by mistake can submit an unban request to the Garena Free Fire Help Center by following the steps given below.

How To Submit An Unban Request To Garena Free Fire Help Center?


It is quite easy to submit a request to ask Free Fire to reconsider the ban on an account. Players can simply follow the steps given below to do this.

  • Players will first need to visit the Garena Free Fire Help Center through the official FF support site. (Click here to go to the site)
  • Now, players must click on the Sign-in button located on the top-right side of the site.


  • Players will be redirected to another page where they will see a number of log-in options.


  • Now, players must sign-in from the account that is linked with their Free Fire ID.
  • After signing-in, players will be able to access their profile.
  • Click on the profile option and then tap on Submit request.
  • Now, players must select the game as per the region they are in.
  • After this, players can select the type of request and problem. Players should select Game Concerns and Technical issues for these options.
  • Now all players have to do is explain why they think their account ban is not warranted and then submit it for review.

This is how players can submit an unban request in the Free Fire Help Center. For more FF content, check out What Is The Highest Kill Record In Free Fire?