Free Fire: What Is The Highest Kill Record (November 2022)

Learn more about the record that seems nearly impossible to accomplish

Garena Free Fire is an intensely competitive game where players battle it out to be the last one standing. While winning games is the ultimate testament to a player’s skill, there are other parameters that decide a player’s performance as well. These include stats like their K/D ratio, assists, headshots, etc. Due to this, it is natural to be curious about the highest kill record in Free Fire.

If you are also curious about the highest number of kills in a Free Fire game, we will answer that question here. Read on below to find out more.

What Is The Highest Kill Record In Free Fire?


Currently, the overall highest kill record registered in Free Fire is 49. Meanwhile, the world record for the most kills in a ranked match is 27 kills. The record for the most kills in Squad ranked match is 42. These are all the highest kill records in the game so far.

There are a number of brilliant Free Fire players that could be coming for these records soon. In fact, there are multiple Indian Free Fire players that could smash these records in a given time. Players like TSG Jash, Gaming Tamizan, Sudip Sarkar, and Raistar are definitely players to watch out for. Learn more about these as well as other remarkable Indian players with the Best Players Of Garena Free Fire In India.

On a global scale, players like Dandy, Sam13, and Kroonos are also leaving their own mark. With Esports getting a lot of mainstream attention, we are sure to see more rising stars emerge into the field. Events like Free Fire World Series serve as a constant reminder that pursuing Esports as a career is no longer a dream of the past.

This is everything about the highest kill record in Free Fire. For more Free Fire content, check out Free Fire (FF): How To Hack Headshot – Tips & Tricks.