Free Fire Restore The Colours Holi Event March 2021 – Full Guide

Here's everything you need to know about the Free Fire Restore the Colours Holi Event 2021.

With its remarkable gameplay and developers’ relentless efforts to make the game more compelling with each passing day, Free Fire has accomplished some massive feats. The game has amassed a large player base, and to preserve it and entice new players, the developers host a variety of in-game events. Holi Event 2021 is one such festival that allows users to celebrate it in a distinct style.

Free Fire Holi Event

This 2021 Free Fire introduced the Holi Event Fight for Colours which is currently live and is scheduled to end on 29th March 2021. The event is celebrated in 3 parts:

  • Your True Colours
  • Restore The Colours
  • Fight For Colours

Today, this article sheds light on Restore the colours. Let’s get started.

Restore The ColoursRestore-the-colours-free-fire-holi-event-2021

Restore the Colours is one of the sub-categories of Free Fire Holi Event 2021 and the event takes place in the above-specified order only. This means to unlock the Restore the Colours stage in Free Fire Holi event 2021 you must accomplish stage 1 i.e. your True Colours first.

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To start with the 1st stage you must join the event which unlocks the several questionnaire options. You need to pick one and finish it in true colours with three tokens of the same colour. Doing so will clear the path for the 2nd stage Restore the Colour. Now to accomplish this stage of you must follow these instructions:

  • Collect coloured paints from after-match drops.
  • Share some duplicate colours with your team members.
  • Claim complete batch of 10 colours from Colour Bank to restore shared one.
  • Keep gathering multiple colours just by tapping on the Share Colours option to earn vibrant rewards.

It’s that simple to clear stage 2 Restore the Colours in Free Fire Holi Event 2021.

Restore The Colours Rewards

The Restore the Colours subcategory of Free Fire Holi Event 2021 Fight For Colours brings you the following rewards:

  • Weapon Royale voucher – 3 colours
  • Cyber Bunnies Skyboard – 7 colours
  • One-Finger Push-Up emote – 10 colours

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So what are you waiting for? Start the event and secure wonderful rewards.