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Top 5 Fastest Free Fire Players In the World In 2021

Here's a quick look at the top 5 fastest Free Fire player in the world.

Free Fire survival shooter is the top trending title in the Mobile Royal Battle genre with a considerable player base all over the globe. Millions of players are obsessed with the game and its rising popularity has empowered the brightest players to take interest in national as well as international eSports and other tournaments in a spree to prove their fighting spirit on the platform. In this post, we’ll take a peek at the fastest Free Fire players in the world.

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Fastest Free Fire Players In The World – March 2021

It’s quite confusing to rank the strongest Free Fire players because these professional players are widely acknowledged for their specific skill sets and producing incredible content. Well here’s a description of the top five Free Fire players in no specific order.

1. Raistar

He is potentially India’s fastest Free Fire player. No matter how equipped or alert you are, his remarkable ability to subtly kill you from a distance without even you knowing is laudable. Some even confuse him with a professional hacker because of his incredible speed.

Even in one on one battle, many are terrified of him because of his speedy action and precise shot. Raistar has a solid headshot score of 63%. He’s well known for his mid-range battle. The list of the world’s fastest players in Free Fire is topped by Raistar.

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2. Sudip Sarkar

Sudip Sarkar is the most famous yet fastest Free Fire players hailing from India. He successfully made it to the top 22 % of the players across the globe. Sudip Sarkar is popularly known for close-range combats and decent speed and not to forget the strategic kill that bags him a win.

He publishes Free Fire gaming sessions on his YouTube channel, Gyan Gaming, which is subscribed by over 2 million users.

3. TSG Jash

He is the best Free Fire player making it to the top 1% in the world. He is an essential player of the TSG squad with TSG RItik. He has mastered all the game modes and currently belongs to the Heroic Tier.

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4. Sultan Proslo

He is the highly famous Indonesian Free Fire player from Heroic Tower with a badge point of 25089. He is the fastest Free Fire player belonging to the NESC-IND guild and his YouTube Channel, Dyland Pros currently has more than 9.5 million subscribers.

5. SK Sabir

Here’s another Indian Free Fire player from BOSS guilds and is well known for long-range battles. In season 10, he claimed the top position in Free Fire points table with the highest score of 11703 rank points. His motto is winning the game rather than killing his foes.

These are the fastest Free Fire players to take inspiration from if you are looking for any.