Free Fire Esports Ultimate Challenge 2021: How To Win Phantom Bundle, Vouchers, Trophies & More

This article will instruct you on how to join the Free Fire Esports Ultimate Challenge and which prizes you stand a chance to win.

Garena Free Fire strategically manages to keep the players interested in the game either via live in-game events, celebrity collab, and even regional tournaments. Free Fire India Championship 2021 and Free Fire Bangladesh Championship 2021 are the results of such endeavors which are currently live.

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To celebrate these two events the makers of the game started the Free Fire Esports UltimateChallenged on 12th March 2021. Let’s learn about the challenge in detail.

Free Fire Esports Ultimate Challenge

As addressed above, the developer has unveiled the Free Fire Esports Challenge to honor the FFIC 2021 and FFBC 2021 regional tournaments, allowing you to interact and bring home the best in-game elements and currencies.

At present, the tournaments are left to be conducted in the final phases, and all the competing teams are doing their hardest to qualify for the Grand Final of the respective championships.

The challenge has officially started on 12 March and is scheduled to end on 21 March 2021. In this contest to receive redeemable tokens and prizes, you are required to perform a trivia game relevant to the prevailing 2021 spring regional championships.

Free Fire Esports Ultimate Challenge Format

The format of this quest is something like this:free-fire-esports-ultimate-challenge

  • There will be 3 questions asked per section.
  • Upon providing the correct answer you will get the tokens.
  • The tokens you will receive are redeemable hence can be used to claim Ultimate rewards further.
  • Additionally, you can win extra tokens merely by making the tournament predictions.
  • Again, you can redeem these tokens to collect amazing prizes.

Free Fire Esports Ultimate Challenges Prizes

This contest gives you an opportunity to earn tokens which will help you grab exciting prizes provided you give the right answers and make correct predictions.

The prizes include:free-fire-esports-ultimate-challenge

  • 5 tokens – Weapon Royale Voucher
  • 5 tokens – Mystic Seeker Scar Box
  • 5 tokens – Skull Hunter AK Box
  • 15 tokens – Hunter’s Trophy
  • 20 tokens – Awakening Shard
  • 30 tokens – Phantom Executioner Bundle

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How To Join Free Fire Esports Ultimate Challenge?

I’m sure you’ve been tempted by these rewards to enter the contest. You must be wondering how to join, fret not, here’s the simple process you need to follow:

  • Step 1: Open Garena Free Fire on your device.
  • Step 2: Tap on the Calendar icon.Free Fire Esports Ultimate Challenge
  • Step 3: Navigate to the Event section.Free Fire Esports Ultimate Challenge
  • Step 4: Locate Esports under it.
    Free Fire Esports Ultimate Challenge
  • Step 5: Select the Ultimate Challenge option.Step 5: Select the Ultimate Challenge option.
  • Step 6: Hit Go To.Step 5: Select the Ultimate Challenge option.
  • Step 7: Select the tournament.
  • Step 8: Now give the correct questions.

Pretty easy, isn’t it? That’s all we have on the Free Fire Esports Challenge. You can click here for more guides and articles on Garena Free Fire.