Free Fire Bangladesh Championship 2021 – Qualified Teams, Final Standings And More

This article covers the grand finale play-ins of Bangladesh’s major debut Free Fire championship 2021.

Free Fire is rocking the royal battle genre courtesy to the developer who has shaped the whole eSports tournament landscape most profoundly. With regional competitions becoming more and more popular across the world Bangladesh hosted its first-ever Free Fire championship this 2021. Let’s see the final rundown after the conclusion of the event’s grand finale play-ins.

Free Fire Bangladesh Championship 2021Free-fire-Banglades-Championship-2021

Bangladesh is having its first-ever Free Fire Championship in 2021 with a whopping prize pool of 25 lakhs. The 9 day long League stages of the tournament ended on 4th March 2021 with 2 teams from each group making it to the grand finale.

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  • 1st Match – The 1st match of the event was played over the map of Bermuda. Team XB succeeded in winning the match with 9 kills.
  • 2nd Match – The 2nd match of the event was played over the map of Purgatory. This match was earned by the B26 Mystics with 11 kills.
  • 3rd Match – The 3rd match was held on the deserts of Kalahari. This match was bagged by the Ambush Esports with 10 kills.

The leader board after the 3 matches looks something like this:

Team Points
B26 Mystics 59
Ambush Esports 44
Team Riots 31

It seems Team Riot scored 3rd place on the points table without any victory.

  • 4th Match – The 4th match of the event was held again over the Bermuda map. This match was won by GB2L Esports with 6 kills.
  • 5th Match – The 5th match of the event took place on the Purgatory maps. Team Extreme EX managed to claim this match with 7 kills.
  • 6th Match – The final match of the event was played on the Kalahari. The 6th and last match were earned by the team Xenon.

The final leader board after all the matches appears as below:

Team Kills Points
B26 Mystics 43 93
Ambush Esports 30 74
Team Riots 23 61
GB2L  – 48

Sadly, even after winning the 1st match Team, XB couldn’t make it to the finals.

Free Fire Bangladesh Championship 2021 Qualified TeamsFree-fire-Banglades-Championship-2021

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Following teams from Grand Finals play-ins are qualified for the tournament:

1. B26 Mystics

2. Ambush Esports

3. Team Riot

4. GB2L Esports

5. Team Xenon

6. Team Extreme EX

Following teams from League Stages are qualified for the tournament:

1. Team Electro

2. Team Infinity

3. Agent Exp

4. The Jawbreakers

5. Team Rage

6. TM Swag

These 12 teams will compete to win in the Grand Final and pocket the reward on March 19, 2021. For more Free Fire Championships click here.