Casamento Free Fire – Garena FF To Introduce Wedding Feature In Next Update

In this new wedding system couples will earn exclusive in-game rewards and prizes.

Garena Free Fire is the hottest mobile royal battle game of all time thanks to its developer who brings up new concepts and elements with every next update. This provides the player a chance to escape the old monotonous gameplays and enjoy the new zeal of the game.

In addition to updating new items to the game, Garena Free Fire also hosts events, integrates news systems, and many such things for players to earn in-game incentives and prizes.

Casamento Free Fire – Introducing Wedding Feature

To keep the craze for Free Fire alive, Garena FF developers on Wednesday, announced a new “Wedding” system in the upcoming Free Fire patch. This latest in-game feature will empower players to become in-game couples and unlock tempting benefits.

Players who become a couple abiding by the newest wedding system in the next release will be able to exploit exclusive rewards and incentives like skins, cats, special missions, badges, etc.

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Among the gimmicks of the proposed system, there is also the opportunity for players to collect points that can be earned by playing with each other or just by exchanging gifts. In all, couples are likely to win the game by securing not less than 500 points a week.

How To Get Marry In Free Fire?

If a player wants to enjoy the benefits of the wedding system, he or she will have to send a marriage request to another player for the investment cost of 100 diamonds. The sent request, in essence, must be accepted within eight hours by the recipient of the request will be withdrawn down and considered as a rejection by the other side.

However, if the partner agrees, the participants are given a sort of relationship badge that will be made public to other players in the battle royal as well.

Just like real-life couples, players who take part in the new wedding system of Free Fire will also be allowed to split up. The only thing required is for the other player to affirms the end of their relationship.

Garena won’t charge anything for the separation. Consequently, the creators did mention that it would only be possible to send another proposal for a partnership 48 hours post the split.

That’s all you needed to know about the upcoming Marriage/Casamento Free Fire update.

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