Bunny Bundle Redeem Code For Free Fire (June 2022)

The Bunny Bundle wads introduced in the Free Fire Treasure Vault event

Free Fire often introduces new bundles to entice its players. These exclusive bundles are available in the Free Fire store for a limited period of time. The Bunny Bundle is one such bundle that was first made available through the Treasure Vault event. In this article, we will explain how players can get the Free Fire Bunny Bundle and if there is a code they can use to redeem it. So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

Is There a Bunny Bundle Redeem Code for Free Fire?



Currently, there is no redeem code to get the Bunny Bundle in Free Fire. Earlier, players could get the Bunny Bundle at the moment by spinning for it in the Treasure Vault event. Find out below how players can get the Bunny Bundle without any code required.

How to Get the Free Fire Bunny Bundle?


Earlier, players could get the Cyber Bunny Bundle by spinning for it in the Treasure Vault event. However, that was a limited-time event and players can no longer get the bundle that way. Exclusive bundles do surface after their event has expired for some time in the game store sometimes. The Bunny Bundle is not available in the Free Fire store right now and there is no code that players can use to get it right now.

Unfortunately, there is no fixed time frame regarding when the Bunny Bundle will be back. While exclusive items rotate in the game store every 2 to 3 months, there is no telling when this specific bundle will be back. So, players that want to get this bundle in Free Fire will just have to wait for its return to the store before they can purchase it. Once it is in the store, players can use the Free Fire Codes to purchase the Bunny Bundle for a discounted price.

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