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Top 5 Rare Bundles In Free Fire (November 2022)

Here are all the top 5 Free Fire skin bundles to have in 2022.

Free Fire releases Elite Pass at the start of each month. Apart from the regular Elite Pass Skins Garena also releases special Free Fire Costume Bundles depending on the global seasons or festivals.

If not redeemed by a player during the special event, the Skin bundle won’t return and will become a rare entity for players to get their hands on. If you don’t know what rare bundles are in Free Fire then look no further as we have got you covered.

The following is the list of rare bundles in Free Fire that are very difficult to obtain.

Top 5 Rare Bundles In Free Fire – November 2022

5) Hip Hop Bundle

Best Free Fire Bundles

Hip Hop Bundle is one of the oldest Free Fire bundles to be released in the Store. It was offered as a tier reward during the Season 2 Elite pass. This Skin made it to this list, because of its non-availability in the current season. The old grinders of the game who have been playing the inaugural season might possess this skin if they have invested in the season 2 pass.

4) Crazy Panda Bundle

Best Free Fire Bundles

This crazy Panda bundle is one of the least attractive skins on the entire list. This FF bundle was the first skin to be released as part of the Magic Cube Elite Bundle. The Bundle was available for Redeeming for just one Magic Cube. The Skin features a simple black hoodie with a small logo design of a black panda.

3) Night Clown Bundle

Best Free Fire Bundles

This Night Clown was introduced as a part of the magic cube Elite bundle. The bundle was last seen in November 2020 in the game store as part of the magic cube Elite bundle. The skin looks very much inspired by the scary clown characters as seen in movies like “IT”. The entire set contains a night clown mask, shoes, bottom & top. 

2) Bunny Warrior Bundle

Bunny Warrior Bundles

The Bunny warrior Free Fire bundle was released as a part of a special event and was only available for redeeming during the event. Players who wished to add the Free Fire Bunny Warrior to their bundles must participate in a bunny drawing competition.

In this special event, players must draw a face of a bunny and if the drawing is convincing players, the game will allow the players to spin a wheel to obtain gifts from the bundle. The skin looks similar to the famous Warner Brothers character “Bugs Bunny”. The bundle also includes a rare top, bottom, head, and shoes.

1) Top Criminal Green Bundle

Green Criminal Bundle

Topping off the list at GamesAdda for the rarest Free Fire skin bundle to feature in the game is the “Green Criminal Bundle”. This FF bundle is super hard even to be seen in the store.

It was earlier available during Special Events in the redeem section of the Store. Players must perform certain quests and challenges in the game to earn Lucky Star points (A form of currency) which can be used to redeem the rare bundle.

The skins in this bundle look very much inspired by the Joker Character from the DC universe. The full outfit is green in colour along with a joker mask for the face.

These are the five best and rare Free Fire bundles but we will update more bundles in the times to come. To know more about FF bundles, I advise you to visit this page from time to time.