Best Skill Combinations in Garena Free Fire

Wondering what are the best skill combinations in Garena Free Fire? Have a look at this guide to know.

Since Garena Free Fire has introduced the Skill combination feature in the game, the scope for players to perform in the game has increased. Because of this feature players can move towards victory speedily. It allows them to use the special ability of other characters in the battle arena. In this guide, the best skills combinations in Garena Free Fire are listed.

Best Skill Combination in Garena Free Fire


Best Skill Combination in Garena Free fire

Skill Combination usually depends upon the player and how familiar is the player with the character. So, these are some of the top 5 skill combinations in Garena Free Fire.



This is one of the best combinations in Free Fire. collaborating their abilities together will help players bring out the best of their performance.
K’s ability is Master Of All which can be implied in two ways. One is Jiu-Jitsu and the other is Psychology. With Jiu-Jitsu, K helps all the teammates within the 6 meter range to increase the Energy Points exponentially. And in the Psychology mode, you will heal yourself at the rate of 1 HP every second.
Misha’s ability is called Afterburner and will increase the driving speed by around 20%. Also, while driving the vehicle, the chances of being spotted or attacked will decrease.
Coming to Notora’s ability, which is called Racker’s Blessing. It is a passive ability and gives you 5 HP in around 4.5 seconds.
Lastly, Ford’s Ability is called Iron Will. It will help you consume lesser damage when you’re outside the play-zone.


This combination has one of the best characters in it.
Starting with DJ Alok, his ability is called Drop The Beat. Using the ability will create a 5 meter aura around the character and the teammates in this radius will have increased movement speed and will recover 5 HP up to 5 seconds.
Moco’s ability is called Hacker’s Eye which can help you and teammates to spot the enemies for a couple seconds. Once you know the location of your opponent, no one can stop you.
Coming to Jai’s ability, which is called Raging Reload. While using this ability, knock the opponent down and your weapon will reload 10% of its maximum capacity, eventually it will increase up to 30% as you upragde the ability.
Luqueta’s Hat Trick is one of the amazing abilities of the characters in Free Fire. It allows you to get HP in the range of 8-35 every time you get a kill. Further in the game, you will be able to gain up to 15-35 HP up on every kill.



One of the best skill combinations in Free Fire is Chrono, Kelly, Moco and Dasha.
Chrono’s ability is quite impressive. Chrono can create an Energy field around him which can block upto 600 Damage. While being in the energy field, Chrono and his teammates can fire at the opponents. This ability of his is called Time Turner.
Kelly’s ability is Dash. While using this ability, the sprinting speed of your character will increase by 1% initially. Upon upgrading the character, the speed will increase further from 1% to 6%.
Moco can help you see through to the enemies which is extremely beneficial while you’re in battle.
Dasha’s ability is Partying On. And in that ability, the recoil build-up of the weapon is decreased by 6%. Along with this, the damage incurred by falls is decreased by 30% and the recovery time is also reduced by 6%.
Combining these 4 abilities will give you a defensive advantage.



Caroline is posed as a shotgun specialist in the game and that’s why her ability is called Agility. This ability will give you 3% boost in the movement speed while holding the shotgun initially. Upon upgrading the character, the 3% will increase upto 8%.
Kelly’s ability increases the sprinting speed which will allow you dodge the attacks of the opponents.
Andrew’s ability is known as the Armor Specialist in which your vest durability is lost by 2% in the beginning level and upon upgrading the character, the percentage will increase from 2% to 12%.
Coming to Miguel, his ability is called Crazy Slayer which allows him to gain Energy Points after killing the opponents. This could be a huge advantage to the player and the teammates.


Jai’s Raging Reload can be very useful at times. It is better to have Jai in your corner instead of being on the other side of the gun.
Alvaro’s Art Of Demolition makes the enemies run harder for shelter. This ability increases the damage incurred from the explosives by 10%. Along with that, the range of the explosives is further increased by 7% on the inital level. As you upgrade your character, the percentages will increase up to 20% and 10%.
Hayato is next in line and his ability is ‘Bushido‘. This ability will increase armor penetration by 7.5% every time your HP drops by 10%. Upon upgrading the character, you will see an increase in the percentage.
Shirou’s Damage Delivered is one ability that can help you fight back in the battle. When an enemy fires at you, he/she is highlighted for your character. Initially the marked time is 3 seconds but can improve as per the upgradation of the character.

Do try out some of these best Skill combination in Free Fire. Hopefully this article was helpful to you. While you are here, you can go ahead and check out Garena Free Fire Mystery Shop and Garena Free Fire Best Maps.


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