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Best Free Fire Maps: Which Is The Best Map In The Game?

Specific maps provide specific combat situations and advantages in Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire has multiple maps where players can battle it out to be the last team standing. While each map has its specific features and terrains, there are some maps that provide more advantageous settings for players than others. Considering this, here are the best Free Fire Maps for all players.

Best Free Fire Maps


Below are the best Free Fire Maps for all players. The maps have been ranked according to the ease with which different types of players can survive on the map. The best map is the one that is versatile and can accommodate all types of playstyles defensive and offensive.



Old is gold is definitely true when it comes to Free Fire maps. Bermuda is one of the oldest maps available in Free Fire. It has ample structures to provide enough cover for players that do not want to engage in outright combat or want to go with a defensive strategy. Moreover, the map works well for snipers as there are enough high vantage points for these players to take out opponents undetected. The numerous buildings also give plenty of ammunition and supplies for players to make it through the game comfortably.

However, the Bermuda Remastered removed a few locations in the map as well as changed the landscape of the game a little.



This cold, frigid map can be quite taxing for players but is very aesthetically pleasing. This map offers a lot of similarities with the Bermuda map apart from the snow covered terrain. It is quite a recent addition to Free Fire and players will have to wait and see if further updates add anything to the map.



Kalahari is a dessert terrain that is quite barren. This can prove difficult as the terrain does not offer any grass, trees, or other environmental features that can disguise players. Close to mid range  combat can be quite tricky due to this However, snipers and defensive players will be happy with this map as it has plenty of high structures that are ideal for stealth.



This map can often live up to its name for players that like to engage in long range combat. It does not have a lot of buildings or structures. Therefore, snipers do not have a lot of ideal spots to hunker down. Alternatively, mid to long range players might be able to survive this map better. Overall, this terrain is better suited for aggressive players rather than those who prefer a more defensive playstyle.

This is all about the best maps in Free Fire. For more FF content, check out the Garena Free Fire 20 MB Download.