How To Hide History In Mobile Legends (ML)

Here’s how to avoid your teammates and rival players to look into your in-game history.

Sometimes you have a good day and sometimes you don’t. The same goes in games, sometimes you can lose in streaks and your Teammate or rival can get a chance to troll you. And to avoid that you can hide your history, so no one can look into your history. Here’s how you can hide your history in mobile legends (ML).

How to Hide In-game History in Mobile Legends (ML)?


hide history ml

Hiding your History can help you in many situations, especially when you’re in a Tournament. Sometimes the rival team/players try to peek into your in-game history, to get an idea of your game style and your strategies, by looking at the characters you’ve equipped. And so to avoid this you can follow these steps to hide your in-game history in ML.

For now, the option for hiding the player’s history is only available for the advance servers, and not for the original server. But there’s a bug that the original server players can try. We’re going to explain the methods for both server players. So there’s nothing to worry about.


For Advance servers:

  • Enter the game and log in with your Mobile legends account.
  • After that, just look for the Match results/History menu in your account.
  • And after opening the match results/history menu, you’ll find a hide history option.
  • After clicking on the hide history option, you’ll see a checkbox.

And there you are. If you want to hide your history, just tick the checkbox. And no one will be able to peek into your in-game history.


For Original servers:

  • First, you have to set up two different accounts. One account should have access to the Advance server and the other to the Original server.
  • Then you have to access the Advance server with your primary account.
  • After logging into the account. Enable the hide history option.
  • After that, you have to tap the test server button in the advance server to do the trick.
  • Then go to the history menu/ match results by tapping Profile account > Battlefield > History.
  • And then activate the hide history option.

Just follow these steps in order to complete the process of hiding the history of your main ML account.
After activating the hide history option you have to switch back to your main account.


  • After logging in to your mobile legends (ML) account. Just make sure that the previous process didn’t fail.
  • After doing this you’ll get a notification on your account, that the account is changed successfully.
  • And in order to stay on the original server you have to just click the back button of your smartphone, and do not tap the OK button or else this method might fail.
  • And then directly go to your match results/history menu. You will be able to see the hide history option in your original server account.
  • If you want to avoid strangers peeking into your history. You can just click the check box and you’re all set.
    This is the bug method for the ML original servers, so use it till you can. The developer might change or remove it in the next update.

After following all these steps you’ll be able to hide your history. Just keep practicing, and keep improving your strategies by picking the best hero for your gameplay.