How To Unlock Brawlers In Brawl Stars

If you’ve ever asked this question to yourself that how do I unlock Brawlers in Brawl Stars! Don’t worry we’re here for answering your questions.

If you’re a newbie or struggling to unlock Brawlers in Brawl Stars, then there’s nothing to worry about because we’ve got you covered. For unlocking new Brawlers you just have to play the game too often. Getting the Brawlers is a matter of luck and time. So just be patient and keep playing Brawl Stars until you get all the Brawlers. There are also some best ways to unlock Brawlers quickly, which you can try.

Best Ways to Unlock Brawlers in Brawl Stars


unlock brawlers
photo credit: u/ml7oos_YT

Here’s how you can unlock all Brawlers in Brawl Stars:

  • Events – Just participate in the Brawler Events which are held in the game. These Events can also help you unlock the Brawlers because they’re mostly short term and they also give rewards like coins, Exp points, and also Brawlers.
  • Boxes – Boxes are also one of the best ways to unlock the Brawlers. You just have to unlock the boxes you collect by playing. And with the help of some luck, you’ll be able to get them.
  • Shop – If you’re impatient and want to unlock the Brawlers fast. Then you can just buy them from the store with the help of your in-game coins and also real money.
  • Level Push – Pushing your account Level up also increases your possibilities to unlock the Brawlers fast.
  • Trophy Road – Trophy Road is also an important way to get Brawlers. It is a reward system in which you get Brawlers if you reach a specific amount of Trophies. If you keep increasing your Trophies you’ll keep getting the Brawlers.
    This is the list of Brawlers you can get by increasing your Trophies.

    • Nita: 10 Trophies
    • Colt: 60 Trophies
    • Bull: 250 Trophies
    • Jessie: 500 Trophies
    • Brock: 1000 Trophies
    • Dynamike: 2000 Trophies
    • Bo: 3000 Trophies
    • Tick: 4000 Trophies
    • 8-Bit: 6000 Trophies
    • Emz: 8000 Trophies
    • stu: 10000 Trophies


These are some of the best ways to get Brawlers in the Brawl Stars. you can even unlock the Boxes with in-game Gems, which you can get for free. Just keep playing, and be patient you’ll surely unlock the Brawlers soon.