MLBB Win Rate Calculator: Know Your Win Rate In Mobile Legends

Win Rate helps evaluate a player's performance in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is a mobile multiplayer online battle arena game developed by Moonton. Since it is a highly competitive game, Win Rate is obviously quite important in MLBB. It is an indication of how well a player is performing in the game. The Win Rate also indicates the ratio of their chances of emerging a victor in a match. Having said that, today we will discuss how players can use the MLBB Win Rate Calculator to check their Win Rate in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang.

How To Use The MLBB Win Rate Calculator?



Players can check their Win Rate within the game itself. A high Win Rate for a particular Hero indicates a player’s success with that particular Hero. Players can see the percentage for a particular Hero from the team’s win or lose match ratio. A player’s Win Rate is calculated every Season. Every new Season the Win Rate is wiped clean and players have another chance to rack up their stats for the new season. Players looking to use the MLBB Win Rate Calculator to calculate their win rate in the game can follow the steps below.

  • Players must first open their Mobile Legends account.
  • Here, players will need to go to the Profile menu located at the top left.
  • Players can check the overall Win Rate by Selecting the Battlefields menu and going to the Statistics option and choosing All Seasons.


In addition, players can also use several third-party sites for a more detailed insight into their Win Rate. These sites can calculate the number of matches a player must win to get their desired Win Rate. However, when using any third-party site, players must use their own discretion. These sites can often be potentially harmful.

How To Increase The MLBB Win Rate?

There are several things a player can do in order to increase their MLBB Win Rate. Improving their Skills is one of the first things players will need to do if they want to rise above the majority of players in MLBB. Moreover, players can also play in a Lower Tier to increase their chances of winning. Another thing that can improve a player’s chances of victory is playing with friends. Strength in numbers definitely comes into play when trying to increase the Win Rate. Using the right Hero can also be crucial to winning in MLBB.


That is everything about the MLBB Win Rate Calculator. If players are wondering how to get ML, here’s How To Download Mobile Legends From TapTap?