Most Beautiful Female Players In Free Fire (August 2021)

Here are the most beautiful female players in FF each with total subscribers, origin, & skills.

In my opinion, beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Since beauty is subjective, the author or page does not wish to offend anyone’s sentiments. Following is just the rundown of a few of the most beautiful female players in Free Fire.

Most Beautiful Female Player In Free Fire – August 2021

Gone are the days when the gaming industry was dominated by men. Many talented female players are breaking into the video game industry today and proving to be the best content producers. Free Fire is the most popular game among YouTubers and content makers, with many talented female players dedicating a platform exclusively to the game’s gameplay.

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Here are the most beautiful female players in Free Fire, who made it to our list not just for their appearance but also for their skills.

Sooneeta – 3.92 Million SubscribersMost-beautiful-female-players-in-free-fire

Sooneeta Thapa Magar, from Nepal, is a very effective female FF player of all time. Her determination, skills, and game knowledge can all be seen in her videos. She is beauty with brains in the true sense.

NotNot – 1.68 Million SubscribersMost-beautiful-female-players-in-free-fire

NotNot cewek tercentik di player in FF, yeah, you guessed it, she’s Indonesia’s most beautiful female player in Free Fire. She is not only a renowned Free Fire streamer but also an EVOS esports brand ambassador and a soap queen. I felt it was only fair to have this Indonesian star in the list because of her abilities, beauty, and multi-talent.

BlackPink Gaming – 1.03 Million SubscribersMost-beautiful-female-players-in-free-fire

If you think girls who like pink can’t be gamers, Miss Diya is a prime example to prove you wrong. Miss Diya has a YouTube channel called BlackPink, where she has been killing it with her FF content. She adores pink as much as she enjoys kicking player’s asses in Free Fire.

Slumber Queen – 572K SubscribersMost-beautiful-female-players-in-free-fire

Aura Kirana Rinjani – 2.74 Million SubscribersMost-beautiful-female-players-in-free-fire