B2K (Born2Kill)’s Free Fire ID, K/D Ratio, And Stats

Learn more about B2K's Free Fire ID, K/D Ratio, And Stats inside.

Born2Kill is a popular Free Fire content creator who is popular for his montage videos and play-throughs. He currently has over 6 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. He has over 300 videos on his channel with over 375 million views combined. Born2Kill also has two alternative channels called B2K and B2K Highlights. Let us take a brief look at B2K’s stats, K/D ratio, and ID.

B2K (Born2Kill)’s Free Fire ID, K/D Ratio, And Stats


B2K (Born2Kill)’s Free Fire ID

B2K’s Free Fire ID is 320653047.


Born2Kill has played 8153 squad matches. Of these, the content creator has won 1470 matches. He has an overall win rate of 18.03%.  B2K has played 2321 duo games with 397 victories for a win rate of 17.10%. He has played 1393 solo matches with 169 wins for a win rate of 12.13%.

Ranked Stats

When it comes to ranked stats for the current season, B2K as won 33 of the 278 squad matches. This has provided him with a win rate of 11.87%.  Moreover, Born2Kill has also played 18 duo games and managed to win 4 of them for a win rate of 22.22%. Born2Kill has played 2 solo matches.

K/D Ratio

Born2KIll has a lifetime K/D Ratio of 7.07. Meanwhile, his K/D Ratio in duo matches is 4.97. He has gotten 4556 kills in solo matches for a K/D ratio of 3.72. He has gained 1575 kills with a K/D  ratio of 6.43 in ranked squad matches. With 110 frags in these matches, he has a K/D ratio of 6.43 in duo ranked season matches. B2K has secured 9 kills at a K/D ratio of 4.50 in solo ranked matches.

Players can find out more about the Free Fire content creator through his social media. He has an official Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook account. This is all about Born2Kill and his Free Fire ID, Stats, and K/D ratio. For more stats on gaming content creators, check out Carryminati BGMI ID, Income, Stats & More.