Chrono Character In Free Fire – Profile, Power, Skills & More

Here’s everything you need to know about the Chrono character in Free Fire.

Free Fire developers know how to beautifully integrate various conventional royal battle elements with innovative in-game features without messing up the core gameplay mechanics. This survival shooter title continues to roll out fresh and exciting content in the game with regular patch releases.

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As everybody knows, Garena developers make every possible attempt to keep the Free Fire fever ongoing with live in-game events that promise free or discounted rewards, eSports championships, phenomenal crossovers like one punch man, celeb collab, and more. Chrono is the outcome of one such partnership, which was unveiled with the OB25 update in 2020.
Let’s dig deeper about the Chrono character in Free Fire.

Chrono Character In Free Fire

The game’s developer partnered with the famous footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. This partnership introduced the Chrono character inspired by a five-time Ballon d’OR awardee on December 13th, 2021. He arrived as the part of Free Fire campaign “Operation Chrono” which lands us into the futuristic “slum universe” where he tries to prevent the dystopian state of the universe from falling apart further. Let’s take a sneak peek at the character.

Chrono Storyline

He is a character from the parallel universe which features extreme science and technological level as compared to other levels in our current world Earth. In his original world, he had a typical childhood. His parents were prominent lawyers who struggled for poverty and to get the poor homeless some recognition into society. Over this, he’s already been mindful of disadvantaged groups since he was very little, and as time progressed he grew old and started seeking opportunities to do his part to support the needy.

Chrono Profile

  • Sex: Male
  • Age: 35
  • Birthday: Feb 05th
  • Occupation: Bounty Hunter from another universe.
  • Special Survival Ability: Time Turner

Powers And Abilities

He possesses the active ability called Time-Turner which creates the force field surrounding the character that blocks damages from the enemies and deals up to 600 damage points. You can attack the outside enemies from within the force field Players as well. You and your teammates in the Time Warp field get a movement speed boost which rises as you level up further in the game.

Things To Remember

  • You can be exposed to attacks from enemies even after enabling Chrono’s power since it takes a few seconds to get into effect.
  • Be careful not to step out of the Time Warp field since it is quite smaller.

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  • The Time-Turner effect is completely transparent implying your enemies can keep an eye on you the whole time.
  • Try to destroy the enemy when the power is activated since you will hardly have few seconds for that.


Chrono character in Free Fire can be is quite promising with offensive as well as defensive skills. Undoubtedly he is a great pick when you play solo but his movement boost to teammates makes him the best playable character for squads too.


The Time Warp functionality of Chrono is not only best for fighting enemies out in the open, but also helpful when you’re taken by surprise. Build a force field and launch a surprise attack, or merely use a speed boost to rest and recover from your flee.


Take a look at the below image from Garens’s site to find out what Chrono Character’s memory fragment in Free Fire unlocks at each level.Chrono Character Free FireAlso Read | Fastest Free Fire Players In The World

Chrono Character in Free Fire

That’s all about the Cristiano Ronaldo replica Chrono character in Free Fire that you need to know about.