Chrono VS Shirou: Who is more effective character in Free Fire?

Evaluating amongst the Chrono and Shirou who has the better skills and abilities in Free Fire for Clash Squad.

Free Fire is a Royal Survival Battle game that has risen to popularity, mostly amongst Indian players, as a preferred PUBG substitute. It got a unique feature of special characters. These characters besides being cosmetic in essence also possess a particular distinctive survival skill that can radically transform your approach in the game. These skills can significantly encourage gamers to have a valuable advantage over other players and to win a battlefield if used in the appropriate context.

As we know, the newest Free Fire OB26 update is under trial on advanced servers and features a series of innovative features, functions, and elements. Hence, the introduction of new characters is a part of the update and Shirou is one of them.

Where Chrono is the brand-new addition to the character pool in the game, Shirou is an upcoming character. In this post, we will compare the upcoming character Shirou with the most popular character Chrono in Free Fire.

Chrono VS Shirou in Free Fire: Who has the best skill sets?

Let’s figure who will be the best for Free Fire Clash Squad mode.

Shirou’s Skill – Damage DeliverChrono VS Shirou

In-game characterization of Shirou implies that he is the fastest delivery boy in the area with a passive skill designated as Damage Delivery.

At the base level that is level 1, when the opponent is struck within a 50m range, the intruder is marked for three seconds (only visible to the player). The first shot of a marked enemy has a 10% added penetration of the armor. Even, the function has a cooldown duration of 60 seconds.

At the highest level that will be level 6, as the opponent attacks the player within a 100m range, the player will be marked for eight seconds. The first shot of a marked enemy has 100 per cent extra armor penetration, and the cooldown time is 10 seconds.

Chrono’s Skill – Time TurnerChrono VS Shirou

Chrono’s character in Free Fire is based on the mainstream Christiano Ronaldo Footballer and is the most valued character so far. He’s a bounty hunter with a powerful skill entitled Time-Turner.

At the minimum level, it can create a force field that can block 600 damage.
Chrono can also fire within the force field, whereas upping movement gets accelerated by 15%.

The allies within the force field also obtain a 10% boost in the movement speed, with an impact lasting for four seconds. It also has a cooldown of 50 seconds.

After Chrono gets advances to level 6, his movement speed accelerates by 30%, and his allies’ movement speed by 15%, with an impact lasting for 15 seconds with a cooldown of 40 seconds.

Chrono VS Shirou

Both characters have excellent powers that assist players on the battlefield under varying situations. But it’s fair to say that Chrono is likely to be more competitive than Shirou in Clash Squad mode in Free Fire.

Chrono’s ability to attack and protect opponents at the same time with speed acceleration puts players in a better position over their enemies, making it a clever pick for the Clash Squad mode in Free Fire.

Shirou maybe a wonderful character with opponent marking and added damage potential, but Chrono gives the player powerful and more versatile skills.