BGMI M6 Royal Pass: Release Date, Rewards, Leaks 2021 & More

Find out the BGMI M6 Royal Pass Release Date along with the rumored rewards offered from RP 01 to 50.

Winter’s have descended on BGMI as their new M6 Royal Pass focuses heavily on the festive wintertime. The M5 Royal Pass is set to end on 19 December 2021. With the arrival of the M6 Royal Pass rapidly approaching, fans are curious to know what M6 Royal Pass has in store. We have an answer for you as the latest leaks, updates, and news have left us with a pretty good idea as to what is in store.

With a predominantly red theme, the BGMI M6 Royal Pass seems to be getting in on the Christmas cheer. Here is what you can expect from BGMI’s upcoming Royal Pass (M6).

BGMI M6 Royal Pass Release Date

The new Royal Pass (M6) is rumored to arrive on 19 December 2021. BGMI’s last Royal Pass brought us a slew of Rewards including a new character named Anna. Now players are excited to know what the new pass is bringing. Let us tell you that the new M6 Royal Pass does come with a number of rewards and benefits. Players will need to purchase an M6 Royal Pass to reap these rewards in BGMI. Now let us take a look at what some of these rewards might be as per the lastest leaks and rumors.

BGMI M6 RP Rewards Leaks (1-50 RP)

Players must purchase either the Elite Royal Pass for 360 UC or the Elite Royal Pass for 960 UC. Once purchased, players will receive a payback for 60 UC from BGMI. Moreover, players with a ranking of 30 and above will also earn 60 UC.

BGMI M6 Royal Pass New RP1 Rewards

merry yeti bgmi m6 royal pass

The first speculated winter-themed reward from the M6 Royal Pass could be this Merry Yeti Outfit Skin. It is very much in keeping with the winter theme the pass is going for. Also, within the Merry Yeti set, we get a red and white Win94 gun that complements the Yeti outfit perfectly.

merry yeti win 94 bgmi m6 royal pass

M6 Royal Pass Reward on RP 5

Next up in the Merry Yeti series is the Merry Yeti cover. This is a face mask that has a Santa hat and is a perfect addition to the set above.

merry yeti face

M6 Royal Pass Reward on RP 10

For Players with an RP of 10, the Rewards also include a helmet skin named Jolly Festival Helmet.

M6 Royal Pass Reward on RP 15

Players with RP 15 will be rewarded with an exclusive Emote and Avtar Frame.

M6 Royal Pass Reward on RP 20

merry yeti uaz bgmi r6 royal pass

RP 20 players can also get a vehicle addition to the Merry Yeri set with an exclusive UAZ skin.

M6 Royal Pass Reward on RP 25

RP 25 players can get a free outfit without the Elite pass. This outfit is called Vibrant Youth.

M6 Royal Pass Reward on RP 30

RP 30  can get an exclusive Emote and Hat.

M6 Royal Pass Reward on RP 35

Reptilian Gaze is a Ump45 gun skin that players with RP 35 can unlock.

M6 Royal Pass Reward on RP 40

RP 40 players can get a free MK-12 gun skin named Silent Night-MK12.

M6 Royal Pass Reward on RP 50

Lastly, for players with RP 50, M6 Royal Pass has an Outfit and headgear set named Frozen Guardian Set(Outfit) and Frozen Guardian Cover (Headgear).

BGMI M6 Grenade Skin

A new grenade skin named Apple Bite Grenade may also make its way to BGMI.

BGMI M6 Outfit Skin

Rumour has it that the M6 Royal Pass could also include an outfit, headgear, and mask for the Blissful Pine set.

These are the rumoured rewards that are making an appearance in BGMI with the M6 Royal Pass. After seeing the rewards offered in the M5 Royal Pass, players are looking forward to the M6 Royal Pass.