Anna Character In BGMI: How To Get It, Rewards, Costumes, And More

Anna is a new character in BGMI that will be released at the M5 Royal Pass event.

Battlegrounds Mobile India’s (BGMI) M5 Royal Pass is going to be out soon on 19th November  2021. With the new RP, there are many characters, weapons, costumes, and many more new things going to be introduced in the game. A new character called Anna is also going to be seen in BGMI M5 Royal Pass.

If you are looking forward to unlock the Anna character and want to know about its features, cost, way to get it, and rewards then you are in right place. We have gathered all the information about Anna you are looking for.

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How To Unlock Anna In BGMI?

Anna Character BGMI

Anna is a decent looking investigating reporter character in BGMI that is going to be out in the M5 RP event. But you can unlock and try and test her in PUBG today i.e on 16th November. Anna is going to be available to purchase for 600UC in BGMI. You can simply head to the store and purchase it by spending the required UC.

There is another way to get Anna in BGMI for free. All you have to do is to wait for a while. The character will be available in crates soon after it’s released. You can simply open the crates and get it for free rather than spending your UC.

Anna is going to be available in two costumes that are solely made for her. That means the costumes cannot be used for any other characters in BGMI. The costumes are pretty vibrant in color and will be available soon as it is released. They are named ‘Island Traveler Anna’ ‘Forest Adventure Anna’ and you can explore them in the character section.

Anna Character In BGMI: Level Up Rewards

Here is a list of rewards that you will get as go on to update the Anna character in BGMI.

Level Level Up Rewards 
Lv 1 Anna
Lv 2 Anna Voice Pack
Lv 3 Character Voucher
Lv 4 Character Shard
Lv 5 Further Analysis
Lv 6 Anna Voice Pack
Lv 7 Character Voucher
Lv 8 Character Shard
Lv 9 Anna Voice Pack
Lv 10 MVP

This is everything you need to know about the  Anna character in BGMI.