BGMI Lite Launch Date In India 2022

BGMI lite will be a lighter version of BGMI with similar gameplay but lower graphics.

Battlegrounds Mobile India has made quite an impression on the Indian gaming community. However, a lot of players in India still have budget smartphones that cannot fully support BGMI for optimal gameplay. Keeping this in mind, Krafton is reportedly working on BGMI Lite which would be ready for release soon. This is exciting news for players that want the full BGMI experience but do not have phones with high specifications. So, the next thing players would want to know is the BGMI Lite launch date in India for 2022.

When Is The BGMI Lite Launch Date In India 2022?



BGMI Lite would be a fully optimized version of the game, specifically designed for low-end devices. This version would be similar to BGMI but the graphics will be a little lower in quality to support the low-spec devices. If PUBG Lite is any indication, the specifications of running BGMI Lite smoothly should be 1GB RAM or above that run on Android 4.1 or higher. In addition, the game would require 600MB of free storage data. However, these are merely speculations as there has been no official announcement from the end of the game developers. Similarly, there is no official BGMI Lite launch date for India in 2022 yet. While there have been a lot of rumors and leaks surrounding BGMI Lite, there has been no word about it from Krafton’s end. Players will get to know more once the developers address the situation. For now, players can only wait patiently for an update. There are speculations that there could be an announcement regarding BGMI Lite by the end of March.

BGMI Lite: Pre-Registration


When BGMI Lite does release, it is expected to have pre-registrations much as BGMI had on Google Play. However, currently, the game is not available for pre-registration on Google Play. While there are some sites offering the BGMI Lite APK Download links, players should keep in mind that these are a scam. The game is still under development and isn’t available for pre-registration yet. Players should avoid compromising their online safety by trying to download BGMI Lite through these links. Not only do these links not work, they can often contain viruses and malware that can harm a player’s device.

That is all there is to know about BGMI Lite at the moment. We will keep our readers updated as new information comes up. In the meanwhile, check out How To Get BGMI Royale Pass For Free?