How To Get BGMI Royale Pass For Free In 2022?

BGMI players have a chance to earn a Royale Pass for free in the game

BGMI is a popular battle royale game that players can enjoy on their mobile devices. While the game is pretty great in itself, players can also choose to enhance their experience by purchasing several in-game items like new skins, weapons, or even Battle Passes. Did you know that it is possible to earn the Royale Pass for free in BGMI? Yes, it is entirely possible to get a Royale Pass without spending a dime in Battlegrounds India. Below we have listed some of the best options to earn a free Royale Pass in BGMI.

Ways To Get A Free Royale Pass In BGMI


BGMI Free Royle Pass

There are a number of ways to get a free Royale Pass in BGMI. We have only listed legit and authentic options that would not get players into any sort of trouble.

Google Opinion Reward


This is an easy and trustworthy method to get a free Royale Pass. Since this app was developed by Google, there is little chance of players getting scammed here. It is quite safe to use this method for free rewards in BGMI. Players will need to set up a Google profile to benefit from this option. After creating a profile, players will simply need to complete a few surveys and earn some Google Play balance. This balance can further be used to purchase a Royale Pass in BGMI.


This is a slightly more luck-based method to earn a free Royale Pass in BGMI. A lot of streamers do giveaways on Twitch, YouTube, and other platforms. If players are present while a giveaway is in process, they should participate to try and win a free Royale Pass. However, winning a giveaway is a matter of pure luck. This method does not assure players a reward. They might get lucky and win but there is an equal chance of them coming away from the giveaway empty-handed. In addition to streamers, BGMI also does events where players can win free rewards.


GPT Apps

These are apps that pay players for completing different tasks in points. Different apps have different reward systems. However, most of these apps give out reward points that can be exchanged for Google Play vouchers or other such options. While this is a good method to earn a free Royale  Pass, players must bear in mind that these are third-party apps. Though some of them may be safe to use, players must still exercise caution when using them. Examples of GPT apps include Poll Pay and Easy Rewards. These apps are available on the Google Play Store.

This is how players can earn a free Royale Pass in BGMI. While you are here also check out How To Get Free UC In Battlegrounds Mobile India.