How To Get Free Emotes In BGMI? (2022)

Want to get emotes for free? Then, check this out!

Battlegrounds Mobile India or BGMI is debatably one of the most popular battle royale games in India. The game is popular for its weapons, characters, graphics, and amazing features that keep all the players entertained throughout their time. It is one of the best games that let you play with your squad and achieve greater heights in the game. Emotes in BGMI are the ways to express your feeling or show gestures towards other players in the game. If you are looking for ways to get these emotes for free in BGMI then here is a complete guide for you.

Is It Possible To Get Emotes For Free In BGMI?

Free Emotes In BGMI

The answer to this question is a bit tricky.  As a BGMI player, you must be aware of the fact that emotes are available to be purchased in the in-game shop and we need to spend UC (in-game currency) for the same. But there are a few options that will help you get the emotes for free as a complementary element.

  • The first and best way to get free emotes in BGMI is from the Royal Pass (RP) events. Complete the missions and reach at leased on or above RP rank 15 to get the funny and cute emotes for free. To reach the required rank players will have to participate in the event and rank up to the required level. Hence make sure you work on your skills to get them easily.
  • Another way to get free emotes is by unlocking the crates. Collect the Crate vouchers by playing in matches or by completing the missions to obtain emotes for free from the crates.
  • As we all know that BGMI has several characters in the game that can be unlocked using character vouchers. When players unlock the characters, emotes come with them as a complementary element and can be used and accessed for free.

Follow the tips and tricks mentioned above and get all the free emotes that you are looking for. Unlock emotes in BGMI and use them during matches and otherwise to express gestures towards your squadmates.

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