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Best BGMI Drop Locations In Miramar (November 2022)

Guide on which are the best drop locations in Miramar and why.

Those that play battle royale games know that just playing on one map can get boring. In that way, Battlegrounds Mobile India is no different. Miramar’s map breaks the monotony of BGMI’s default map Erangel as it is a desert that stretches far and wide. But don’t be fooled, this map is not for noobs. Your skills are tested and those that can’t pass landing here should walk away now. If you’ve downloaded the Miramar map then you’re definitely one of the toughest players in the game and you deserve the best loot of all. So, here’s a look at the best BGMI drop locations in Miramar.

Where are the Best BGMI drop locations in Miramar?

Best BGMI Drop Locations Miramar 1

Los Leones

The biggest of the six cities in Miramar, Los Leones is one of the best places to get Level 3 loot. You will also find several Royale Pass missions assigned here. With a lot of players also dropping into this south-eastern city, you can be sure to increase your kill count with some of the best weapons in the game. Looting and shooting has never been more exciting than right here in Los Leones.

San Martin

Close to Hacienda El Patron, San Martin is another hot drop location to engage in rush gameplay and get a bunch of great loot. You can even go incognito here due to the dozens of buildings in the middle of you and your opponents. This is also one of the toughest compounds to hold onto as multiple squads eye your spot and you.
Well guys, hide and seek just got deadly.


Did you say hot drop? Well Pecado is scorching.

Situated in the centre of Miramar, the toughest city in this map has to hands down be Pecado. With a majority of rush gameplay happening in this city, it wouldn’t be for nothing if not for the best loot such as the Automatic Rifle or SMG being found here. The more aggressive players gravitate towards the red buildings, casino, and auditorium where even better loot is found.

There you have it, in the deadly world of BGMI; these are the top three best BGMI drop locations in Miramar. A place where the loot is worth dying for. If you’re still too scared to try your hand at Miramar, check out this article on the best drop strategies to help you work on your skills and overcome that fear.