Best BGMI Drop Strategies To Win (2022)

Guide on how to keep on winning in BGMI with different drop strategies

Out on the field, the stakes are high and the pressure is intense. With your teammates looking for a leader, are you ready to carry them to that delicious chicken dinner? If this sounds like a losing battle, it’s only because you haven’t found the right strategy yet. Not to worry, here are the best drop strategies to win BGMI, no matter what level you’re currently at.

What are the Best Drop Strategies to Win in BGMI?


BEST BGMI Drop Strategies H2

Hot Drops

A hot drop is one where you may get great loot just as you land but risk engaging in drop fights with other in-game squads right when you enter the game.


If a certain location is attractive to you for its loot then it’s definitely going to get a lot of attraction from other players as well. And if you’re just starting out and unsure about your ability to do well against other players, then you might as well stay away till you get better with practice.

If you’re confident about your skills and don’t have a slow internet connection then the inverse might be more applicable for you as your hot drop location now becomes the perfect place to get great kills and loot. Remember to be quick and observant as you’re sure to kill them with some spectacular headshots.



The fastest one down is the one with the most advantage. A master parachuter can kill enemies in the air (while they are on the ground), choose the best hiding spots first, and get the most valuable loot while others are scrambling to not get shot.

Try dropping at these marks in different locations to land faster than your opponents:

Erangel and Miramar– 750m mark
Vikendi and Sanhok– 680m mark
Livik and Karakin– 350m mark



The higher you are, the better your advantage in eliminating your enemies as you can spot your enemies from a better vantage point and will be able to get headshots that much more easily. This combined with the first two points is sure to increase your kill count and keep you in the leader board.


Good calls and markers help you and your team to get your enemies. And with great communication, nothing can stop you from winning (maybe a better communicating team that is also extremely skilled and accurate might). Keep in mind certain phrases and locations to make it easier to communicate where you and the enemies are so as to both, keep your teammates in the loop while also helping the team formulate plans to kill the opponent without harming you in the process.

2/2 Split

In 4v4 fights, you should go with 2/2 split to provide better cover to your teammates and greater damage to opponents as you sandwich them in together from different sides and knock ‘em dead. Literally. Remember, there is strength in numbers.

Better send this article to your friends if they don’t believe you, just to cite your sources after you obviously win. But first, get out there and break a leg (hopefully an enemies). If you’re interested in more articles on BGMI then be sure to check out How to Unlock the Overachiever Title in BGMI?