Apex Legends Mobile Weapons Tier List (2023)

What weapon are you picking for your next bout?

Apex Legends Mobile has recently been released in 10 countries and will soon see a worldwide release. With the arrival of the new game, players have been curious about a lot of things regarding the game. One of the things that have piqued the interest of gamers is the weapons that will be available in the game. Since the game has just been released, it is difficult to ascertain all the weapons that will make it over from Apex Legends. However, here is an Apex Legends Mobile Weapons Tier List where we rank them from S to C Tier. While weapons in S-Tier are amazing and sure to aid you in victory, weapons in C-Tier are best left alone and traded as quickly as possible.

Apex Legends Mobile Weapons Tier List



Kraber .50-Cal


Kraber .50-Cal is one of the best weapons players can get their hands on in Apex Legends Mobile. With a great zoom and excellent range, this Sniper makes for a deadly weapon in any match. Players that can manage a headshot with this gun are guaranteed a kill as a headshot causes 435 damage with this gun. Moreover, it can even pierce through a gold helmet. Even if players miss out on the headshot, they get a decent damage of 145 for body shots making it one of the best weapon on this Apex Legends Mobile Weapons Tier List.

However, it is quite a rare supply drop. In addition, the magazine size for the Kraber .50-Cal is quite small. Players will need to be precise with their shots and make the most of the weapon before it runs out of ammo.



R-99 is a machine gun with a fast fire rate and low recoil. It also offers a great 198 DPS at close range. This gun will need attachments to perform to its optimal best. Players should equip their weapon with a magazine extension as R-99 only has a magazine capacity of 20. Headshots are the best bet for players looking to bring down enemies quickly as these yield a damage of 17.  However, the R-99 can prove to be a challenge for new players.

M600 Spitfire


The M600 Spitfire is a Supply Drop Weapon and can only be found in Care Packages. It has a great magazine size of 55 and comes pre-equipped with 245 backup ammo. With a low recoil and high accuracy in medium to long-range, the M600 Spitfire can be a weapon to be reckoned with in Apex Legends Mobile. In addition, it also offers 1.75x headshot multiplier and 0.85× leg multiplier. Players can get 33 damage of a headshot.

On the downside, this LMG has a low rate of fire and DPS in comparison. Players also get a slower reload and draw speed with this weapon.

R-301 Carbine


The R-301 Carbine is one of the best weapons to use for experienced or inexperienced players in this Apex Legends Mobile Weapons Tier List. It is quite easy to control making it a good choice for newbies. Moreover, it has a high accuracy and rate of fire making it a excellent weapon for long and medium range combat. On the flipside, the assault rifle has a low base magazine capacity of 18. Players will need to attach an extended mag if they want to use the weapon for a longer duration. It also has a relatively low damage with 14 Body Damage and 25 Headshot Damage.


EVA-8 Auto


EVA-8 is a fully automatic shotgun that can crush the opposition at close range. It offers decent accuracy and is a good weapon to start learning for beginners. It has a magazine size of 8 with a full reload time of 2.8 seconds. EVA-8 gives a DPS of 132 with body shots giving 54 (6×9) damage and Headshots (8×9) inflicting 72 damage with a 1.25x multiplier. However, like all shotguns, this weapon also has a high recoil. Players can use a barrel stabilizer to steady their aim.

Prowler Burst PDW


Prowler Burst PDW can be one of the deadliest weapon on this Apex Legends Weapons Tier List in the hands of the right players. It offers a burst mode where players can fire off five rounds or the Auto mode where players can empty out the magazine. With a DPS of 163, this is an excellent weapon for close range. Headshots do 21 damage with a 1.5x multiplier while body shot count for 14 damage per bullet.



Volt is an SMG with an excellent rapid fire rate and decent recoil. This makes it a pretty good starting weapon for beginners. It performs well in mid to long range combat. In addition, this weapon has one of the highest DPS at 204 and the lowest TTK. However, it’s hipfire accuracy is mediocre at best. Players get 210 reserve ammo with the weapon and it can only be obtained through supply drops.



The Wingman Pistol requires a lot of experience for optimal performance. However, it can be absolutely lethal in close combat for players that know how to get the best out of it. It gives out an insane amount of damage. Headshots can cause 97 damage while body shots give a respectable 45 damage. Its magazine six in 6 so players do need to make every shot count. This gun has a 117 DPS and can pierce through unblocked doors. However, it has a high recoil and a slow firing rate.

VK-47 Flatline


The VK-47 Flatline is an excellent assault rifle with a high damage per shot of 180. Headshots give 32 damage with this gun while body shots count for 18 damage. It offers a respectable performance at close and mid range and has a good hipfire accuracy. However, it is not a great weapon to use for long-range and it has a slow projectile speed. Players will get a RPM of 600 on this gun.



The Peacekeeper has been through some nerfs over time but its high DPS still makes it one of the best weapons on this Apex Legends Mobile Weapons Tier List. Players that land headshots with this gun can get 121 damage. Meanwhile, body shots give 99 damage. This lever-action shotgun has  a magazine size of 5. On the downside, it has a high recoil and a slow fire rate. Players will need to have a precise aim to make the best of this gun.




The Hemlok is a great weapon for mid to long range combat. It gives a DPS of 147 for Burst and 128 for Single. However, this is not a beginner’s gun. It is quite hard to control due to its heavy recoil. Players with good aim can still get a lot out of this gun though. It gives 35 damage for headshots while body shots have 20 damage per bullet. Moreover, it has the second fastest single shot RPM in the game.



This weapon offers a high damage per shot as well as high DPS. It also has the highest magazine capacity among assault rifles. However, it has a slow reload speed with a strong recoil that can impair the weapon in long range.



The Alternator has an easy to control recoil paired with a high damage. It has a DPS of 160 with headshots giving 24 damage and body shots getting 16 damage. However, it has a slower rate of fire compared to other SMGs.



The L-Star has a high DPS of 170. However, players will need to take overheating into account when dealing with this weapon. If players use it without pause it can overheat. The best solution for this is to use the weapon in burst mode.

G7 Scout


This semi-automatic marksman rifle has a high fire rate. It gives out respectable performance at mid range and its bullet travel distance is long enough to rival snipers. However, it is easily overcome in close range combat and has a bad bullet drop at long range. Players get 120 reserve ammo with this weapon.



Charge rifles has a RPM of 26 and offers 39 DPS. It is the wrong weapon to use in close combat and is only effective for long range combat. On a positive note, this gun offers a hit scan ability which enables the bullet to hit the target as soon as it leaves the gun. However, it has a long reload time and its beam can often give away a player’s location.

Triple Take


This gun offers high damage and high projectile speed. In addition, it fires 3 projectiles that have a higher chance of hitting the target. On the other hand, it has the slowest fire rate among marksman weapons.




This auto-fire pistol has a very high rate of fire and a magazine capacity of 16. It offers low damage per shot as well as a low DPS. This is not the weapon to bet on to survive in Apex Legends Mobile.



This gun offers 18 damage for body shots and 27 damage for headshots. It has a magazine size of 14 and has a slow projectile speed. With a DPS of 126, this is not a gun that players can rely on in a tough situation.

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