Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI): Are There Any Redeem Codes Websites?

Codes might get you free skins and weapons in BGMI. Let's see if there are any redeem codes websites for Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) is still in early access and people have already started looking for redeem codes. Redeem codes can get players free skins and weapons in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Free Fire which is considered a competitor embed codes in the game almost daily. Let’s see if there are any codes or Redeem codes websites for Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

Are There Any Redeem Codes Websites In Battlegrounds Mobile India?

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As of now, there are no Redeem code websites or codes for Battlegrounds Mobile India. Given the game is still in early access we don’t expect any codes to be made available during the early access. The full version is expected to release in a week or 10 days so until then if you find any codes or redeem codes websites know that they are fake.

BGMI Redeem Codes are introduced in the game by the developers only. Usually, codes are introduced to increase the hype around the game, and given that Battlegrounds Mobile India already has so much hype players shouldn’t expect official codes anytime soon.

Redeem code websites usually ask you for some valuable info like usernames which puts your account at risk. We would recommend players to not give data to any such Redeem Codes websites.

There is a way to get free rewards in Battlegrounds Mobile India. Krafton themselves are giving free rewards to players as they reach some milestones. On the game’s launch screen, click on the “events” button and then select the “recommended” menu. Under this option, you will see a menu on the right side. Scroll down and you will see different options like “1 million downloads” gift and “5 million downloads” gift. As of now, both these gifts can be claimed, and sometimes players will also be able to claim the 10 million downloads gift. Players can get all the free rewards in the game from this section so keep checking it frequently.

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