Top 9 Best BGMI Players in India (June 2022)

From ScoutOP, Jonathan, TED to Mavi, Here’s a list of the best Battlegrounds Mobile India players.

Ever since Battlegrounds Mobile India launched in India in 2021, a lot of fans have been wondering who is the best BGMI player in India. All renowned PUBG Mobile players — who used to stream on YouTube and Twitch when the game was not banned in India — have now been shifted to BGMI. There are millions of users who play the game on a daily basis but this post will reveal a list of the top 9 BGMI players in India.

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The best thing about this post is it will not only reveal the name of the best Indian BGMI players but also upload their photos, BGMI ID and their sensitivity control code. Once you get the sensitivity control of the popular BGMI players, you can copy them and use the sensitivity settings to play the game. If you don’t know how to use sens control code in BGMI then click on this link.

Without any further ado, let’s take a look at the list of the top 09 Indian BGMI players of 2022.


Top 9 Battlegrounds Mobile India Players – June 2022

1. Jonathan

best bgmi players Jonathan
One of the best PUBG/BGMI players of recent time, Jonathan Amaral aka Jonathan had to be on the list. Jonathan was the top fragger in the league stage of PMPL South Asia and PMIS 2020 Final. One of Jonathan’s biggest achievements is the record 16 kills he got in PMIS. Most players also remember Jonathan because of the 101 kills he got in PMWL.


2. Scout

best bgmi players Scout
Scout is one of the most famous and probably the most Overpowered PUBG/BGMI players in India. Maybe that is why many also call him ScoutOP. Tanmay Singh aka Scout is one of the best mid-range and long-range players in the game. M416 is Tanmay’s favourite gun and with it, he is even deadlier. Scout has been a part of many esports teams like Team IND, X Spark, Godlike, Fnatic, and Orange Rock Esports. Tanmay was also a part of the runners-up team of World League 2020.


  • Scout BGMI ID  — 5277297232
  • Scout BGMI Sensitivity Control Code — 6974-6421=0793-9028-995

3. ClutchGod

best bgmi players clutchgod
Vivek “ClutchGod” Horo is one of the most successful competitive PUBG/BGMI players in India. ClutchGod came into the limelight after winning the PIMS Regional final 2019. Vivek was initially an IGL for Team Soul but after some time he decided to move TSM Entity. ClutchGod was also the top fragger in the PMPL South Asia finals where he was an IGL for TSM Entity.

  • ClutchGod BGMI ID  — 581112228
  • ClutchGod BGMI Sensitivity Control Code — 6983-8713-5177-0581-477

4. Mavi

best bgmi playersMavi
Harmandeep Singh aka Mavi is labelled as one of the smartest PUBG/BGMI players in India. Mavi is currently the best IGL in India apart from that he is also amongst the Top 5 BGMI assaulters in India. Mavi is famous for his leadership skills and how he has led Orange Rock in so many tournaments. While presenting his team on a global level, he took OR to number 2 in PMWL’s20 Season 0. Recently, he collaborated with S8UL as a content creator and will play for SOUL in competitive eSports.

5. Mortal

best bgmi players Mortal
Naman Mathur aka Mortal is without a doubt one of the best BGMI players in the country. Mortal is popular for his accurate Grenade throwing, 1v4 assaulting, and his 4 finger claw technique. Mortal has been an integral part of Soul, the first team to introduce the clutch technique. Soul has also won the PUBG Mobile India Series 2019 with Mortal as a part of the team.

6. Raj “Snax” Varma

Best BGMI Players in India

Snax is one of the most popular BGMI players in India. He rose to fame with his performance in the BGMI event: Streamer’s Battle with TeamIND. Now, he has become a part of India’s biggest organisation, S8UL. Currently, he is playing for TeamIND in competitive eSports. Similar to other popular BGMI players, he often uploads videos of him revealing tips and tricks for BGMI.

  • Snax BGMI ID  — 585127130
  • Snax BGMI Sensitivity Control Code — 6983-8734-6621-3601-887

7. Arth “Vexe” Trivedi

Best BGMI Players in India

Vexe is a BGMI player who has left everyone in shock through his astonishing performance. For the unversed, he was the second-highest fragger in PMPL South Asia League Stage. In the second week of the same tournament, he was awarded MVP. According to media reports, Vexe had recently joined hands with Orange Rock Esports. Similar to other popular BGMI players, he does have a YouTube channel, where he uploads videos of him playing Battlegrounds Mobile India.

  • Vexe BGMI ID  — Will update soon.
  • Vexe BGMI Sensitivity Control Code — 6937-1054-2531-2001-260

8. Zgod

Best BGMI Players India

Abhishek ‘ZGOD’ Choudhary is a renowned BGMI player, who is currently representing GodLike Esports. For the unversed, GodLike Esports is a team that represented India in PUBG Mobile Global Championship, which took place in January 2022. Before becoming part of Godlike Esports, he used to play for TSM Entity. In PMCO 2019, he was named as the top fragger and damage dealer.

He is indeed an awesome BGMI player to watch on YouTube. If you want to play like him, you can use the following sensitivity settings code to copy the settings that he used while playing BGMI.

  • ZGOD BGMI ID  — 5153118886
  • ZGOD BGMI Sensitivity Control Code — 6916-3158-1897-2677-317

9. TED

Best BGMI Players India

Manmeet ‘TED’ Singh is one of the best BGMI players who live in India. He is currently playing for an Esport team named Nigma Galaxy. Before joining Nigma Galaxy, he used to play for teams like 8Bit. Red Owl Gaming, SynerGE andCSPG India. There are numerous milestones this BGMI player have achieved so far but the one that everyone remembers happens in PUBG Mobile Super Heroes Battles 2020, where he got first place.

  • TED BGMI ID  — Not Available
  • TED BGMI Sensitivity Control Code — Not Available

These were the best BGMI players in India who you should watch out for in 2022. The list is subjective which is why many would agree or disagree with the list. We would like to make it clear that this is not a ranking, it’s just a list and all 0 of them are equally great. We couldn’t include many good players, but we will be updating this list so bookmark it and keep coming back to it.

That’s all for this one, do check out our article to know the system requirements to run Battlegrounds Mobile India on Android, iOS, and PC.


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