System Requirements To Run Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) On Android And PC

BGMI has been released for all. Here's all the system requirements you need to check to run Battlegrounds Mobile India on Android, iOS and PC.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Full version was released for all on 2nd July. One of the first questions players are asking is that will they be able to run the game on their device. BGMI is a battle royale game with multiple modes, several weapons, and skins. A game so detailed will require a powerful system. Some players will be playing BGMI on their PC or laptop as well using Bluestacks. Let’s see the system requirements for playing Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

Battlegrounds Mobile India System Requirements For Android And iOS

system requirements
As of now, Battlegrounds Mobile India is only available for android users. While there aren’t many system requirements two of the major requirements are the android version and the RAM. To run BGMI players mobile should be running on android 5.1 or above and it should have at least 2 GB RAM. While 2 GB RAM is the minimum requirement we would recommend players to run BGMI on a device with 3 GB RAM or more to run it smoothly. As of now, Battlegrounds Mobile India is not available on iOS which is why there is no clarity about the iOS system requirements. Our best bet is that the user’s iPhone should be running on at least iOS 9 or higher.

Battlegrounds Mobile India System Requirements For PC

Once players have Bluestacks or any other emulator installed on their PC they can download BGMI from the play store like any other app. System requirements for PC are a bit different than android.

  • PC should have 4 GB RAM minimum but we would recommend players to run the game on higher RAM preferably 6GB. Anything above 6 GB will make the game run even smoother.
  • The size of the game is over 1.5 GB including all the additional files and the app. Players should have at least 6 to 8 GB of free disk space on their PC.
  • The PC should at least have a 1.8 GHz dual-core CPU from Intel or AMD.
  • The PC should have an Nvidia GeForce 8600/GT9600 GPU or AMD Radeon HD2600/3600 GPU.
  • PC should have at least Windows 7 or higher.
  • Players should run BGMI on a system that has a Directx 9 or higher.
  • When all the requirements are met players see the game running in 25 – 30 FPS.

These were all the requirements you need to take care of to run Battlegrounds Mobile India on your PC, Laptop, or android device.

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