Who is The Watcher or Uatu In Marvel’s What If…?

The Watcher or Uatu is the narrator of Marvel's What If. Here's evevrything about the Watcher, how important is Uatu and episode 1 synopsis.

Since the release of the trailer What If has built more curiosity than hype. Fans are going crazy over the expected alternate storylines and the alternate versions of their favorite character. Fans are most curious about The Watcher who will be narrating the series and his role in the MCU. Here’s everything you need to know about The Watcher / Uatu in Marvel’s What If.

Who Is The Watcher / Uatu in Marvel’s What If…?

Uatu is a member of the Watchers, a race of very powerful galactic who just observe the universe. Jeffer Wright of Westworld fame will be voicing the character in the MCU. The Watcher only interferes when something grave has happened, given that he is being introduced in the MCU is a sign that something big is either about to happen or has already happened. In What if Watcher will be narrating and overlooking all the 9 alternate events of the MCU. Given that the Watcher will be overlooking all of the alternate timelines shows how important and powerful he is in the MCU.

Every episode will begin with the Watcher or Uatu narrating the events and then mentioning the What if moment that leads to the huge change in the timeline.

What If…? Episode 1 Synopsis

In the first episode, we see Peggy Carter become the first avenger instead of Steve rogers. This will give us a whole new perspective about the Super serum and the series of events from Captain America: The First Avenger. Steve Rogers will be wielding an Iron Man-like suit in the episode but things are a bit different here. Peggy Carter has to tackle a Zombie apocalypse with help of Bucky Barnes. Soon enough Steve rogers also becomes a Zombie and now Peggy has to fight and maybe kill her best friend. The premise of the episode is already very interesting and we can’t wait for more.

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