Marvel’s What If…?: What Time Does It Release And Where To Watch In India?

What if is the latest Marvel show, let's see where to watch it in India, Release date, full cast and release time as per all time zones.

What if is the latest Marvel TV show set to release on the 11th of August. The show is one of the most awaited projects as it will spin all your favorite stories from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The show will see almost all the major Marvel actors coming back as voice cast. Let’s see what time will Marvel What If release and where to watch it?

What Time Does Marvel’s What If..? Release In India

What if will also follow a similar release pattern like WandaVision and Loki. The first episode will go live on 11th august and a new episode will be released every week. All Disney Plus shows are released at 12 am PDT, here’s the release time as per all regions.

What If Release Time As Per Various Time Zones

  •       Central Time: 2 am
  •       Eastern Time: 3 am
  •       Pacific Time: 12 am
  •       Indian Time: 12:30pm
  •       European Time: 9 am
  •       Australian Time: 5 pm

Where To Watch Marvel’s What If…? In India

All Marvel shows are released on Disney+ across the globe and the same is the case with India. Fans can watch What if, on Disney+ Hotstar in India, the show will available for premium members only. The 1500rs annual membership of Disney+ Hotstar will give access to all the marvel shows and movies on the platform. While that is the only official platform to watch the show on What if will be available on several illegal websites. We would recommend you to only watch the show on Disney+ Hotstar and not any other website or app.

Marvel’s What If Cast

  •       Jeffery Wright: The Watcher
  •       Chadwick Boseman: Black Panther / T’Challa
  •       Samuel L Jackson: Nick Fury
  •       Sebastian Stan: Bucky / Winter Soldier
  •       Benedict Cumberbatch: Dr. Stranger
  •       Tom Holland: Peter Parker
  •       Tom Hiddleston: Loki
  •       Paul Rudd: Scott Lang / Ant-Man

This was the main cast of the What if, we know we have missed a lot of names but the list can only have so many names. Almost all your favorite marvel stars are coming back which is enough reason to lure fans.

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