Superman And Lois Episode 14 Release Date India

Let's see how to watch Superman & lois Episode 14 In India, Release date and time, all about Episode 14 and what to expect in episode 15.

Superman And Lois is the latest show cannon to the Cw’s Arrowverse. Tyler Hoechlin’s Superman has already appeared in multiple CW shows before he got his show. Even though CW isn’t available in the hype around CW shows in India is massive. Let’s see when will Superman And Lois release in India and how to watch episode 14 in India.

Superman And Lois Release Date And Time India

A new episode of Superman and Lois releases every Tuesday at 9 pm ET which means it releases on Wednesday at 6:30 am in India. Episode 14 was released on 20th June (21st June as per IST) today and the final 2 episodes of the season are scheduled to release on August 10th and 17th.

Where To Watch Superman And Lois In India

The CW tv channel or the app isn’t available in India. Amazon prime video has all other CW shows but not Superman and Lois. One way users can watch Superman and Lois in India is by using VPN. CW makes all the episodes available on their hours after the release for free. Indian fans can use a VPN to set their location US and watch the show on the CW app itself for free. The only other way to watch Superman and Lois in India is through Illegal downloads. Many fans are expecting that Prime video will buy the rights of Superman and Lois also soon but those are all speculations and nothing concrete.

Superman And Lois Recap

The show is set after the events of Crisis of Infinite Earths event of Arrowverse where it was shown that Superman and Lois are living somewhere far off and will be starting a family soon. Superman and Lois follows Clark’s journey when he is back and how he juggles his family and his responsibilities. The show has introduced multiple characters from the comics like Jonathan Kent (Superman’s Son) and Steel and has been receiving great reviews for its first season.

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