BitLife: How To Complete The WAP Challenge

Everything about how to complete WAP Challenge.

BitLife has become one of the most popular Life-Stimulating games nowadays due to its weekly challenges. The challenge for this week is also up in the game. This week’s challenge is called the WAP challenge. And here is every detail of the WAP Challenge in BitLife! Go through the article before you start the challenge to not get stuck anywhere later.

The WAP Challenge in BitLife is a moderate-level challenge in the game. In order to complete this challenge and level up in the game, you have to do a total of 5 things.

Here Are 5 Tasks To Complete The WAP Challenge In BitLife:

1) Be a citizen of New York-

This is the simplest task on the list of WAP Challenges in BitLife. All you have to do is take birth in New York City. For this just start with a new female character who is born in New york. And it’s done!

2) Become Stripper

This one is a little tricky to find. To become a stripper make sure your character in the game is 18 plus and female. Then head to the occupation tab and find a job with the title ‘Exotic Dancer‘. The Exotic dancers in the nightclub are called strippers in the game. Though the vacancy for this post is rare keep an eye on the occupation tab to grab one.

3) Become a famous Rapper

This task in the WAP Challenge in BitLife is hard and longer as compared to the rest. For this, you need to start since your character is young. You have to go to take ‘voice lessons’ which you will find under the Mind and Body tab. take the lessons, record your album by finding opportunities under the occupation tab for musicians. and it’s done!

4) Sell Double-Platinum Singles

Double-Platinum Singles is the toughest task. you have to sell 2,000,000 copies of your album before the challenge is over.

5) Give bath to the Cats

It is as simple as it sounds! Find 5 or more cats and adopt them. Give them a bath and your task is complete.

That’s everything you need to know about the WAP challenge.