BitLife: How To Be A Stripper?

Here is everything you want to knw about a exotic dancer in BitLife.

BitLife is a life-stimulating game that allows you to become a stripper. Bitlife goes by the rule book in the game as well. To pursue any career in the game, you will have to fulfill the criteria of that job but it’s not the same if you decide to become a stripper in BitLife. It can be a secondary option if you want to earn money while working for your dream career.

How To Become A Exotic Dancer:

Being a Stripper in BitLife is a full-time job yet you can do it as a side job as well. If you are studying and waiting to complete your education in the game, you can become a stripper and study along with it. As I mentioned, I know I will be the full-time job you will have to spare time to study after your tiring working hours.

Also, the strippers are known as exotic dancers in BitLife. You will be treated as a professional dancer in clubs or bars.

Here are all steps that you will need to follow to become a Stripper in BitLife:

1) Go to the Job Opportunity option

2) Search for occupation named Exotic Dancer.

3) Select it and be the one.

Follow the steps to become an exotic dancer or stripper in the game. The job does not give you 4 digit salary but it’s good for all the students to manage their day-to-day expenses.

This is everything about how you can become an exotic dancer in BitLife. Read more about the game and different occupations in the game. Want to be a sailor and sail in the ocean? You will obviously need a boating license to do that.

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