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How To Read The Communist Manifesto In BitLife

Wondering how to read the Communist Manifesto and boost your smarts in BitLife?

BitLife is a text life simulator game where players can enjoy living a virtual life. The game often has different stats that often define the characters quality of life. These stats include Happiness, Looks, Smarts, and Health. The Smarts stat can be crucial in many jobs. We have already discussed how players can increase smarts in the game. Today, we will discuss how players can read The Communist Manifesto in BitLife.

How To Read The Communist Manifesto In BitLife?


The Communist Manifesto is a non-fiction book that can be found inside the Mind and Body option in activities. This manifesto has been required reading to complete BitLife Challenges like The V Challenge. It is a 30 page book that will randomly appear in a player’s book selection. If BitLife players do not see the Communist Manifesto in their Book titles, they may have to keep trying again.

However, this book will only be available once a player’s character has reached the age of 18. Characters below that age cannot read the Communist Manifesto and it will not appear in their BitLife book selection. Once a character is 18 years of age, players can simply go to the activity tab and select the Mind and Body option. Here, players will see an option to Read Books. Once players click on this option they will be presented with a number of books they can read at that time. Players will need to browse for the Communist Manifesto and select the Read option.

Since the Manifesto is 30 pages, players will need to tap the book 30 times to turn the pages and read the entire book. In case players do not see the Communist Manifesto in the list of books, they will have to close the tab and open it again till they see this book listed. This book is much easier to finish than some of the other titles available in the game. In fact, one of the game’s achievement is to read the Dictionary which is over 3000 pages! It would require true dedication to complete that achievement.

This is how players can read the Communist Manifesto in BitLife. For more BitLife content, check out How To Get Lazy Ribbon In BitLife?