How To Get Smarts Up In BitLife

Smarts levels increase and decrease at a slower pace than other stats in BitLife

BitLife is a text life simulator game where players can build the life of their dreams.  Whether it is to be a rockstar, an actor, or an exorcist, players can truly pursue any type of life they want. However, different path in life require different stats. Every player in BitLife has 4 stats that include Happiness, Health, Smarts, and Looks.

While high Health and Happiness are a requirement for an happy life, players can get by on varying degrees of Smarts and Looks. However, if players wish to pursue an intellectual career like Doctor or Lawyer, they will need to increase their Smarts level in BitLife. There are several ways to do so and we have listed them all below.

How To Increase Smarts In BitLife?


Players have several options to increase their Smarts in BitLife, While some options are random, other are in the hands of the players and can be used to boost Smarts. Let us consider each option below.

Read A Book

One of the ways to increase Smarts is by reading a book. This is also one of the earliest ways to increase Smarts as players can start reading at the age of 6. Moreover, reading multiple books in a year will continue to increase Smarts unlike other options to raise stats. Reading more complicated books will give a higher Smarts boost. However, reading some books can decrease Happiness.

Watching A Documentary

Once the character has reached the age of 18, players can visit the theater to watch a Documentary. This will give a minor Smarts boost to the player.


Doing well in school and earning a scholarship to University will also boost a character’s Smarts. Working harder at a job will also increase the Smarts.

Going To The Library

Visiting the library also provides a character with a modest Smarts hike.

Performing Well In The Memory Test

Players can also choose to take the Memory test in BitLife and if their character does well in it, their Smarts will go up. However, if the character performs badly in the test, the Smarts stat will go down.


Sometimes if the character is falling exceptionally behind on a stat, the game can give a Boost option to players. This is the same for Smarts and will give characters a +16 Smarts Boost if accepted.


Sometimes gardening can also boost a character’s Smarts.

Making Smart Decisions

When players make smart decisions in the game, it can boost their Smarts. There are a lot of decisions that can count as Smart in the game. For example, not doing drugs or refusing to transport anonymous cargo for money are both Smart decisions.

These are all the things that players can do to increase their character’s Smarts in the game. On the other hand, actions like taking drugs, bribing a college official, performing poorly in the Memory Test, and going to the Witch Doctor can have an adverse effect on a character’s intelligence.

Just like Smarts, players can also get their Look levels up in BitLife. Check out How To Get Your Looks Up In BitLife?