How To Collect Evidence In Bitlife

Get into Witness Protection in Bitlife by collecting evidence against the Mafia

A life of crime is full of adventure, trills, and riches in Bitlife. It also comes with the constant threat of sizeable jail time. However, sometimes players will be given an option to become an Informant and snitch on the organized crime family they work for. If players collect enough evidence, their criminal records would be wiped clean and they will be placed under Bitlife Witness Protection. While there is always the fear that a member of the crime family will discover players, it is sometimes the best option.

So, how can players collect Evidence in Bitlife? Let us find out.

How To Become An Informant In BitLife?


Before players can start collecting evidence, they need to become an Informant in Bitlife. To do this, players will need to join a Mafia family. Doing this is not easy. Players will need to be good at committing crimes previously. Successful Grand Theft Auto and Pick Pocketing can increase a player’s chances of being accepted into a Mafia Family. Crime Families with lower Notoriety will be easier to get into as compared to families with high Notoriety.

Once players are accepted as part of the Mafia family, they should build relationships with all the gang members. The better relationship players have with the Family, the easier it will be to collect Evidence.

Becoming an informant is a random event in the game as it will take place once players are arrested by the police. After being arrested players will be given the choice to turn Informant or serve time in jail.

How To Collect Evidence In BitLife?


Once players have turned Informant, they will have a certain amount of time to collect evidence against the Crime family in BitLife. To collect Evidence, players will need to go to Occupation, then click on Gang, and finally select the Gang Members. Here, players can select the member they want to collect intel on. Players can simply click on the Snitch option to gather evidence. The better relationship players have with the member the more likely they are to get evidence without raising suspicion.

Each time players repeat the process with a member of the Mafia, they will get some progress in the Evidence bar. However, players can only collect Evidence from each member of the family once per year.

Once players have sufficient evidence, they can turn it in to the Police and start a new life under Witness Protection. If players fail to gather  enough Evidence by the end of their deadline, they will have to go to jail.

This is how players can collect Evidence in Bitlife. For more helpful tips to get ahead in Bitlife, check out Bitlife Cheats: Tips And Tricks To Beat The Game.