How To Assault Best Friend In BitLife

Here's how to ruin the friendship in BitLife.

BitLife is a text simulator game that can take some pretty twisted turns. Often players will get challenges in the game that require characters to do certain things. For example, recently BitLife introduced the Euphoria challenge where players has to assault their best friend to complete the challenge.

Like we said, twisted. In case, players are looking to get in a tussle with their best friend, we will detail exactly how to do this in BitLife.

How To Assault Best Friend In BitLife?


Players looking to assault a best friend first need to promote one of their friends to Best Friend status. This can be done by choosing a friend with whom the character has a maxed out relationship bar and ask them to be best friends. Other characters can sometimes decline the request to become best friends.

Players should not let this discourage them as they can try to be best friends with other people or ask the same person after some time. Now, all players need to do is have a conversation with their new best friend. Sometimes, a player’s character will disagree with their best friend. This will reflect as a red conversation bar. Now, players can choose to Insult, Attack, Apologize or Agree to Disagree with them.

To assault the best friend in Bitlife, players can choose to attack them. Once they select this option, they will get a menu to select the move with which to attack. Keep in mind some moves are deadlier than others. If the character ends up killing their best friend in the tussle, they will end up in jail. Choosing non-lethal body parts to attack is the best bet here. Alternatively, the character could also die as the best friend is likely to attack back in response.

This is how players can assault best friend in BitLife. For more BitLife content, check out How To Get The Cat Lady Ribbon In BitLife