Best Gaming Mouse For MMOs Under 1000 In India (November 2022)

Are you looking to upgrade your gaming setup but need to do it on a budget? Check out this list of the best gaming mouse for MMOs.

With the arrival of Esport, gaming has become a serious business. Players are looking for the best possible gear that can give them an advantage in a game. However, players can often get restricted and discouraged by their budget. This is why we have listed out the best gaming mouse for MMOs under 1000 in India in this article.

Every mouse on this list will ensure that players have a quality product without going overboard on the price.

Best Gaming Mouse For MMOs Under 1000 India 2022

We have composed this list taking several factors like performance, durability, comfort, and price range in mind. While an expensive gaming mouse does offer a smoother performance, these options should serve beginners without any issues.

Cosmic Byte Gravity


Price: 798

This gaming mouse might look a bit plain compared to some of the other options on this list but it is one of best under the 1000 price tag in India for MMOs. In addition, its RGB highlights do make up for the rather plain design. It has a sturdy built and gives a decent performance.

It is quite lightweight and comfortable to use. This gaming mouse has a quality sensor and 6400 DPI. Players will get a good click response while using it. Another great thing about this mouse is that it is compatible for left-hand players.

However, its scroll wheel can sometimes have issues.

Redgear A-15


Price: 399

This Redgear gaming mouse is the most stylish and futuristic looking option on this list. Its RGB lights give it a glamourous look that will upgrade the look of any gamer’s setup. Players will be spoilt for choice when trying to decide on the lighting as this mouse offers a lot of options.

In addition, it offers DPI customization and is highly durable. However, it can be a bit bulky. Moreover, the surface is quite hard and it is difficult to get a good grip. This can be a big negative for gamers that need a steady grip for aiming and shooting.

Lenovo Ideapad M100


Price: 696

This Lenovo Ideapad M100 offers a decent build as well as a comfortable surface to maintain a grip. It is quite lightweight and comfortable for long use. The is a dedicated DPI button that players will find quit useful.

On the downside, the minimum DPI with this gaming mouse is 800. In addition, there is no software support.

Redgear A-20


Price: 499

Another Redgear gaming mouse that can potentially be the best option to buy under 1000 in India. Admittedly, it is a lot less interesting to look at than it’s A-15 counterpart. Still, it is a steady gaming mouse that gives good performance.

Moreover, players will have an endless number of options to choose for the chroma led lights. It also offers a good gaming sensor with 4800 DPI. There are 7 programmable buttons on this mouse. However, players will not get much flexibility with DPI settings.

Zebronics Alien PRO


Price: 518

Our last entry on the list is Zebronics Alien PRO. It has a high-intensity USB connector and can be toggled between 4 DPI settings. It is quite comfortable and fit for long usage. Moreover, players will get elevated determination sensor. These specifications can make it quite a useful tool for gamers.

However, on the downside, players have reported experiencing trouble with the USB connector durability. It can also be a bit bulky and that is not something a lot of players prefer when choosing a gaming mouse.

This is a list of the best gaming mouse for MMOs under 1000 in India. If players are looking for a gaming mouse with a slightly higher budget, they can also check out the Best Gaming Mouse Under 3000 In India.