Best Gaming Mouse Under 3000 In India (November 2022)

Ace games like Valorant, BGMI, or Fortnite with these options.

When putting together a PC gaming setup, a good mouse is very important to take into consideration. A good mouse can be the difference between getting that critical hit or missing. However, a great gaming mouse can be quite costly. This is why we have picked the best gaming mouse under 3000 INR for players in India.

These budget mouse options will help players stack up the wins in any game they choose. So, without further delay, let us take a look at the choices.

The Best Gaming Mouse Under 3000 In India

The best gaming mouse comes with high DPI sensitivity, programmable buttons, and an ergonomic design. In addition, LED lighting can give an attractive appearance to the setup. Here are our picks that we think will work well in any budget gaming setup.

HyperX Pulsefire Core


Price: 2,678 INR

This is the costliest gaming mouse on our list. However, it is also a strong contender for the best gaming mouse under 3000 in India. It offers 7 customizable buttons for players. As per the specs, this mouse has DPI up to 6200 and a tracking speed of 220 IPS. Its Polling Rate is 1000 Hz with a max acceleration of 30G. The HyperX Pulsefire Core is a well-built mouse that can work well for pro players as well as beginners. However, it does get a little high click latency that can affect the layer’s performance at times.

Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury


Price: 1,895

The second option on this list is the Logitech G402 Hyperion Fury. It is a lightweight mouse with low click latency that offers great value for money. In addition, players get easy DPI switching from 240-4000. It has a tracking speed of 500 IPS and Polling rate of 1000Hz. It offers a max acceleration of 16G. The downside to this gaming mouse is that it can be a bit bulky for some players.

Logitech G102


Price: 1,495 INR

This gaming mouse is under the budget of 3000 and can be a great asset for players in India. It is lightweight and comfortable for long use. Moreover, with this mouse players also get the Logitech G Hub support for the speedy resolution of any issues. It has an attractive look complete with RGB lights. The DPI for this mouse is 200 – 8000 while the tracking speed is 400 IPS. The Logitech G102 offers a polling rate of 1000Hz. It comes with 6 customizable buttons and offers a max acceleration of 25G. However, this mouse can sometimes develop a double click issue over time.

Cosmic Byte Kilonova 3325IC


Price: 1,349 INR

The Cosmic Byte Kilonova 3325IC is an ambidextrous mouse which makes it a good pick for left-handed gamers. It offers both wireless and wired options for players. It is light and comfortable for long use. Players will get a decent performance from this mouse with 200 – 1600 DPI and 1000Hz polling rate. It offers a tracking speed of 400 IPS and a max acceleration of 40G. However, the software support for this mouse can be a bit lacking.

Redragon Phaser M609


Price: 699 INR

This is the most budget friendly gaming mouse under 3000 in India that can also offer decent performance. Players can get 1000-3200 DPI from this mouse. With a 1000Hz polling rate, this mouse isn’t far behind in terms of performance. It has 7 buttons with 2 customizable thumb buttons. However, this mouse might be a bit bulky for some players. Overall, it is a good option if players are just starting to build their gaming setup.

That is all about the best gaming mouse under 3000 in India. If players would like to look at budget friendly headphone options, they should definitely check out Best Gaming Headphones Under 1000 In India.