Are Twitter And Facebook Getting Banned In India (2022)

Find out why users of these social media platforms are worried about a ban

Twitter and Facebook are social media platforms that have a large number of users. However, are these platforms soon to go the way of PUBG and TikTok? Last month, there were reports that Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram might get banned in India.

Is there any truth to these reports? Let us take a closer look.

Twitter And Facebook Getting Banned In India?


Last month there were speculations about these platforms getting banned if they did not follow the new Intermediary Guidelines issued by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology. However,  there doesn’t seem to be any indication of the platforms getting banned in the near future.

As per the new Intermediary Guidelines issued by the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, the social media platforms will have to appoint a compliance officer from India. The job of this compliance officer would be to monitor the content on the platform as well as address complaints regarding the same. If some content is found questionable, the compliance officer will also be authorized to remove it from the site.

These guidelines have been put in place after the growing amount of complaints about the content posted on these sites. However, users of Twitter and Facebook do not need to worry. At the time of writing, there are no reports of Twitter or Facebook getting banned in India.

The Indian government has been regulating the spread of false news on all public platforms. This has led the government to ban 22 YouTube channels as well. This caused a wide spread concern amongst Twitter and Facebook users. Since these platforms are open to all, misinformation can often spread as a fact from such sites.

Ultimately, it is up to the users to use the platform responsibly and check twice before sharing or retweeting any information.

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