How To Fix Threads: An Unknown Error Occurred

Are you seeing the message in Threads an unknown error occurred? This article has the fix for it.

Some users have been seeing the “Threads: An unknown error occurred” message randomly at times while operating the app. This error can occur when you are trying to post something, log into Threads app, or try to reload the page. It can also mean that, your app has crashed for some time. No matter what the reason is we have got just the fix for you.

5 Fixes for Threads Unknown Error Occurred

unknown error threads

1. Internet Connection

You must always check your internet connection if you come across this error as a poor signal may be the reason you can’t access your Threads page and receive the Threads: An unknown error occurred message. Make sure that you connect to a better and stable network and also check your network/data or Wi-Fi settings.

2. Latest Updates

Make sure that your app is always up to date with the latest updates that Meta makes for Threads. Zuckerberg has said that there are going to be many new updates as the app is still in its developing phase. With that, there might be certain crashes. So make sure your app is always of the latest version.

3. Report Error

You can always report the error after trying everything by reaching out to the apps support team. But if you haven’t tried all the fixes yet then continue reading before reporting the error.

4. Restart & Refresh

You can try restarting the app or refreshing your Threads feed by dragging the main screen from the top. If this doesn’t work, you can also log out and again log in your account. The final thing would be to switch off and restart your phone. Users have also uninstalled and installed the app again to get rid of the unknown error occurred problem.

5. Wait for 24 hours

As mentioned previously, the app will undergo many changes and updates in the coming times. Due to this, it may not be your device’s issue but an error from the developer’s side. They may have to work on the app which is why it is down. Check with other users if they are facing the same error.

To conclude, if you have tried all the possible fixes and you are still going through the same error, then just wait it out after reporting it. Many users have reported facing this error and the developers will look into it. This was all for the Threads an unknown error occurred fixes. If you found this article helpful you can also check out how to delete or deactivate Threads account.